New promotional campaign for vocational education from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Together with the advertising agency "PlusOne," we have made maximum efforts, utilizing a significant number of outdoor advertising media to ensure that people across our country become acquainted with valuable information from the Ministry of Education and Science.
"Everything works because of us" is an image-oriented communication campaign. Its goal is extremely important: to change society's attitude towards vocational education. For the advertising plots, videos were shot featuring specific currently popular professions. The real-life stories of the characters in the videos inspire teenagers to study what they truly love.
For placing layouts on the streets of the largest cities and other settlements in Ukraine, the following OOH advertising media were selected:

  • 6*3 billboards – throughout Ukraine where placement is possible;
  • Backlights, scrolls, and billboards – in Dnipro;
  • Shields, prismatrons, scrolls, sitelights, video boards – in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Thus, the implemented campaign successfully reached a large and diverse audience. As a result, it achieved an increase in interest and growing societal loyalty to vocational education.
"The country urgently needs professionals in blue-collar occupations because they form the backbone that helps fight evil and overcome it," noted Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlet.
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