Non-standard advertising is essential for every business today for high-quality and effective promotion. It is based on bright, creative ideas that work exceptionally well for the awareness of a specific product, especially during its market entry. This type of advertising promotion is feasible in various corners of the city and locations. In the production of non-standard advertising, a variety of different structures can be used.
The professionals at "Megapolis" holding, with years of experience, will always help you choose the best location for placing advertising material, and our creative department will enhance your marketing plan with the best ideas, creating all the conditions for its quick and high-quality implementation. To order non-standard advertising, contact our experts.

  • Attract attention through creative and unusual presentation of material.
  • Frequency and duration of advertising contact.
  • Possibility of using targeted advertising. Placing non-standard advertising in the right place, where your target audience is constantly present, will attract the most interested people.
  • Variety of creative advertising displays, as well as the use of modern technologies during implementation, stimulates active interaction with the consumer.
  • Ability to reach potential customers with average and above-average income levels.
  • "Word of mouth" effect. Seeing an unusual advertising object, people take photos against its background, which, when posted on social networks, brings additional free traffic from potential customers.
  • Most successful impact on increasing and strengthening the brand image, its recognition among consumers.
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