Metro Advertising Placement in Kyiv

One of the best and most effective methods of attracting the attention of potential clients is advertising in the metro. Each person uses the metro for approximately 10-80 minutes per visit. This time is sufficient for advertising to catch the eye and grab attention with bright visual content. Currently, the Kyiv Metro has 52 stations on three lines with a total length of up to 70 km:

  • Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line (Red) – 18 stations;
  • Obolonsko-Teremkivska Line (Blue) – 18 stations;
  • Syretsko-Pecherska Line (Green) – 16 stations.

The daily average passenger flow of the Kyiv metro exceeds two million people. Stations like "Vokzalna," "Lisova," "Pochaina," and "Sviatoshyn" attract around 60,000 visitors daily. It has been proven that over 90% of passengers are interested in metro advertising, and more than 50% inquire about the phone numbers and addresses they see. Placing ads in the metro ensures a constant influx of a broad and active target audience for your business.



The cost of metro advertising allows for a return on investment due to the following advantages:

  • Wide Coverage of Potential Clients, Including an Audience of Different Ages and Income Levels
  • Non-Intrusive Presence of Advertising and Natural Interest of Passengers in It
  • Extended Contact Time, Allowing Passengers to Thoroughly Review and Note All Necessary Information
  • Low Cost of Advertising Contact
  • High Frequency of Repeat Contacts
  • High Effectiveness of Results
  • Metro Advertising is not Influenced by Atmospheric Precipitation

Passengers spend about an hour in the subway. Therefore, it is natural that not all this time is spent in the train, and your proposal can be seen not only during the journey. On each section of the metro line, thanks to various types of advertising media, there is an opportunity to present various goods and services:

  • On the entrance/exit doors of the metro – leaflets and stickers;
  • When descending on the escalator – posters on the walls;
  • When transferring from one station to another – wall branding;
  • In waiting areas – plane surfaces on track walls, branding;
  • In the train – stickers and leaflets, screens.

You can also consider unique media for metro advertising:

  • Backlights at stations;
  • Metrolights on balustrades along escalators;
  • Informational video stands on platforms;
  • Infoboards in trains;
  • Video advertising on station monitors.

By using the creative department of our agency, you can make metro advertising more vibrant and interesting, and consequently, more successful and recognizable for the consumer. Learn more about the work of the department in the "Design" section. Holding Megapolis is the main operator of advertising media in the Kyiv metro. Therefore, by collaborating with us, you get the most favorable prices for metro advertising.


Advertising in the subway car remains popular. The format of leaflets on the windows of the carriage has been one of the most relevant forms of promotion in the metro for over 5 years.

Leaflet size on the window: 500x475 mm.

Print: on transparent film. Available one-sided printing (the image is visible only from one inside the carriage) and two-sided (visible to both passengers inside the carriage and those on the platform). Mandatory condition for placing advertising: 60% of the layout area is occupied by advertising material, 40% - transparent background.


  • Large size;
  • No other adjacent advertising placements, allowing you to stand out and focus attention only on your ad;
  • The ability to implement any idea thanks to high-quality printing.
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The train has arrived at the platform – time to travel. The carriage is equipped with 4 pairs of double-leaf doors, where your advertising proposal can be placed, which will surely attract attention with its bright design at the entrance and exit.

Leaflet size on the carriage doors: 420x130 mm.

Print: transparent film. Mandatory condition for placing advertising on subway car doors: 40% of the space on the finished layout is filled with material, 60% - transparent background.


  • The layout is at the eye level of the passenger. This is a convenient location for visual coverage, as you can not only examine everything in detail but also capture the necessary data;
  • Frequency of contact that contributes to the accurate perception and memorization of the advertising message;
  • Duration of advertising contact (up to 12 minutes);
  • Wide coverage of the potential client audience;
  • The best option for placing promotions, discounts, special offers.
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Doors are the first advertising medium that a person sees when visiting the Kyiv metro. By utilizing this type, we ensure high-quality and consistent coverage of an active audience for your business. Every passenger will definitely notice your offer, as they use the metro doors at least twice a day.

Size of the finished layout: 500x750 mm.


  • Advertising on metro doors has 100% contact with 99.2% of the daily passenger flow, as it is the largest area carrier covering 52 out of 54 stations in the Kyiv metro.
  • Effectively serves as an advertising informer that can quickly convey information about products, services, discounts, promotional offers, and events.
  • Two placement options: entrance/exit doors and on two seasonal programs: summer – operational throughout the year, winter – only during the installation of winter doors, from October 15 to April 15.
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Advertising on the interior of the metro car is a medium that provides visual contact with both standing and sitting passengers. With the ability to place the carrier in 698 cars operating on 3 branches, we achieve coverage of almost the entire passenger flow of the Kyiv Metro. The duration of each contact is about 12 minutes, sufficient time to attract a potential customer interested in your offer.

Size of the leaflet on the interior: 675 × 150 mm.

Print: transparent self-adhesive film.


  • Convenient placement: at eye level of the passenger.
  • The advertising image is applied to the film, preventing potential acts of vandalism.
  • The attractive format, achieved using a special paint (whitewash), offers a unique saturation of a wide range of colors.
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The best option for customers who do not want to see offers from other companies and brands next to their products or services is advertising on the end cap of the metro car. Thus, your promotional material has an individual character and attracts the attention of the maximum number of passengers.

Size of the leaflet on the end cap: 1112x211 mm.


  • Strategic placement allows maximum coverage of the entire passenger flow.
  • Large carrier size provides unlimited possibilities for implementing your ideas.
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Advertising on platform walls is highly popular among metro carriers. Every passenger, while waiting for the train, spends three to six minutes on the platform. During this time, they will definitely notice large, bright surfaces with advertising material on the opposite side.

Size of the poster on platform walls: 3000x2000 mm.


  • Strategic placement allows maximum coverage of the entire passenger flow.
  • Large carrier size, allowing detailed information about the product, service, or events.
  • The cost of advertising is accessible to clients on both the local and international markets.
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Every time we descend or ascend on an escalator in the metro, we see advertising banners placed on the vaults. The speed of the escalator is 0.9-1 m/s, depending on its length, and the contact duration is approximately 20 seconds. Properly planned, the large size of the banner can be easily transformed into double or triple advertising spaces.

Size of the poster on walls along escalator paths: 3000x1000 mm.


  • Advertising on escalator vaults has a significant advantage: with timely planning, the large banner size can be easily transformed into double or triple advertising spaces.
  • Highly effective for informing about nearby locations, even if the carriage is fully occupied.
  • Used as a unique marketing move to enhance the image metrics of your company or brand.
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Entering the passage feels like entering a completely different world. Here, the advertising plots on the walls exert a significant influence on a person's perception of the surrounding reality. Branding metro transitions between stations allows your business to reach a new level and rise in popularity.

Sizes and other technical requirements are provided upon request.


  • Creative design of the advertising plot allows recreating an atmosphere of direct involvement.
  • Modern technologies and materials allow applying images of any complexity with the best quality.
  • Maximum impact on the potential consumer, achieved through the scale of the carrier and unconventional presentation.
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A unique and effective method of promotion for any business. We create an extraordinary creative space at metro stations, capable not only of capturing the attention of every passenger but also significantly enhancing the image metrics of your company. Non-standard options for station branding will attract a large number of consumers to your product or service. The probability of contact is 100%, and the duration can range from 1 to 12 minutes.

Sizes and other technical requirements are provided upon request.


  • High advertising results due to the non-standard presentation of information.
  • You can use the available space at the station or install an unusual temporary structure.
  • Station branding allows for creating interaction with passengers, a story that can continue in social media.
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A branded train leaves a huge positive impression on every consumer. Even individuals who are not typically interested in various advertising displays will notice and enthusiastically examine the presented plots. External train branding ranks among the most effective methods in terms of the results of the advertising campaign.

Sizes and other technical requirements are provided upon request.


  • A significant advantage of this type of carrier is the wide coverage of the audience, both inside the metro and those seeing the train on surface lines.
  • Low cost per advertising contact.
  • The possibility of internal branding of the metro train, offering a unique reaction from regular passengers who, instead of a regular car, see vibrant and unusual images or entire narrative lines using elements for creating unconventional advertising.
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Backlit is one of the most presentable carriers for advertisers, presenting a large box with quality illumination. Advertising on backlits in the metro combines the use of advanced technologies, strategic placement, and the creativity of the presented content. Constructions are placed in areas with constant passenger flow, such as metro stations and vestibules in Kyiv.

Sizes and other technical requirements are provided upon request.


  • The ability to choose from several different carrier formats.
  • Wide audience coverage due to advantageous placement.
  • A creative and vibrant design instantly attracts attention, significantly enhancing the image metrics of your company or brand.
  • The possibility of using a unique carrier developed by our engineers, involving dynamic elements through programmed LED modules.
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Metrolight is a lightbox with bright illumination placed along the balustrades of escalators in the metro. Formerly occupied by old fixtures, modern constructions not only contribute to room lighting but also have an informative character.

Size: 482x585mm

Format: Poster placed in a special plastic pocket.


  • Advertising at metro stations is visible from both sides, during descent and ascent on the escalator.
  • Almost 100% contact with the audience due to the subdued lighting in the metro, which plays a positive role.
  • A closed carrier option allows maintaining the integrity of printed material.
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In today's world rich with new technologies and diverse advertising design, television remains an irreplaceable medium. Thanks to the creativity of designers and marketers, television advertising can achieve maximum effectiveness. The Kyiv metro lines boast 610 trains with monitors, each train having 4 monitors. With such a broad network across various metro branches, we achieve comprehensive visual coverage of the potential audience.

Format: 24-inch screen, full HD image quality.


  • Ideal for displaying information about upcoming events, promoting products and services for both small and large businesses.
  • Full coverage of passenger flow, achieved through displaying information at least 4 times per hour and strategic placement of monitors within the passengers' line of sight.
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Informational kiosks are the only interactive carrier in the metro, with 167 installed across 48 Kyiv metro stations. Featuring a rich display color palette, high-quality advertising content, and proper presentation on this media medium, any business can engage an active target audience of potential customers.

Size: 2x1 meters, 65" diagonal professional displays from Samsung (4K or full HD video content).


  • Serves not only as an advertising medium but also fulfills a social function (call buttons, navigation).
  • Interactive buttons on the info points allow users to choose content, including a detailed map of Kyiv's rail and underground transport, and drone-captured videos revealing what is above the underground part of the station, including the surrounding area.
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The modern metro is not just about safe, fast, and convenient travel. We are implementing trendy digital technologies to enhance passengers' experience. These screens introduce consumers to new offers from advertisers, share information about interesting events or locations in the city, and can provide brief excursions into the history of our country or the world.

Total number of carriers: 268

Locations: 24 Kyiv metro stations, with plans to equip 22 more stations in the future (equipment is planned for all underground stations).

Screen and image characteristics: 49 inches, 4K and Full HD video content.


  • In addition to video content, media screens function as a kind of clock, displaying the countdown to the train's arrival, allowing passengers to focus on the monitor's image.
  • Strategically located under the ceiling in the middle along the platform, providing a clear and convenient view.
  • The clarity of video content transmission and the number of carriers at each station immediately capture the passenger's attention upon exiting to the platform.
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