Railway advertising is an effective tool for attracting a diverse audience for any type of business. Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign, we choose the type of train advertising that is expected to deliver the highest quality results. Numerous factors are taken into account, including the target audience of a brand's products or services, the direction of train movement for location-based targeting, the type of carrier used, and the quality of its capabilities for visual contact. If your advertising product requires broad coverage among a middle-income audience within a specific territory, we recommend utilizing advertising placement in electric trains. The passenger flow of suburban trains is approximately 8.5 million people per month. The audience mainly consists of students, regular workers, and vacationers. What to do during the journey? Some read, others watch videos on their phones, and some simply admire the surrounding scenery. Advertising is well-perceived in this environment and lends itself to unobtrusive viewing. Many passengers travel frequently, significantly increasing the chances of the advertising campaign not only being noticed but also remembered well.


For advertising in electric trains to work effectively and produce the expected results, several important tasks need to be accomplished. The first thing to pay attention to is the advantages and features of this type of advertising promotion:

  • The ability to target advertising to the audience based on the location of the suburban train.
  • Wide coverage of potential customers with a middle-income level due to a large and stable passenger flow.
  • Duration of interaction between passengers and advertising material.
  • Round-the-clock operation of carriers.

Certainly, no advertising will yield positive results if a dull and unattractive advertising layout is used. In creating an original plot, the designers in our holding company are always ready to assist you.


The following advertising formats are available for placement in electric trains:

  • A2 format leaflets.
  • A3 format leaflets.

For more detailed information on placement conditions, you can contact our company's specialists. Transit advertising always enjoys demand among advertisers as it is a relatively inexpensive and high-quality method of attracting a continuous flow of potential clients. Thanks to the smooth collaboration with "Ukrzaliznytsia," the "Megapolis" holding can guarantee the rapid launch of any marketing program and optimal prices for advertising in electric trains. Years of experience and practice have brought numerous successfully implemented projects for our holding. We look forward to working with you!

Advertising in electric trains is an effective marketing move that allows us to reach both the "suburban" and "country" audiences of megacities, as well as the mass audience of medium and small cities in Ukraine. The passenger flow of suburban electric trains is 282.2 thousand people per day. Vibrant colors, creatively presented advertising plots on leaflets can attract and retain visual contact with practically every passenger. There are a total of 2276 electric train cars; the total number of A2 format posters is 6828 (3 spaces per car). Prices can be obtained by contacting our managers.

  • Geotargeting.
  • Organic combination of guaranteed and mass audience.
  • High duration of audience contact with advertising.
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To capture an active audience for your business, use advertising placement in suburban electric trains. Given the passenger flow per day and the time a person spends in transit, it can be confidently stated that this time is sufficient to consider a brightly presented plot of your advertising and remember or record all the necessary information. For A3 format leaflets, 6 spaces are available in an electric train car. To order advertising and clarify placement details, please contact our specialists.

  • Organic coverage of a mass audience.
  • Geotargeting.
  • High duration of audience contact with the advertising message.
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