One of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising is the use of three-dimensional letters. Varying in size, color, and shape, these letters capture the attention of every passerby or potential consumer. The illumination of letters can be achieved through:

  • External lighting – using projectors and lamps;
  • Internal lighting – utilizing LEDs, neon, or other options. This lighting adds depth, volume, and uniqueness to the signage.

Such constructions are installed either on remote holders or as a frieze on the wall. They are made from various materials, including acrylic, wood, metal, brass, stainless steel, PVC, foam, concrete, and more. We can manufacture and install any type of three-dimensional letters based on your request. For inquiries and details, please contact our experts.

  • Uniqueness of the display;
  • Wide coverage of the audience due to size and visibility from a distance;
  • Positive impact on brand recognition and memorability;
  • Longevity and frequent exposure.
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One of the most common methods of outdoor advertising in large cities and areas with a high concentration of advertising materials is the use of lightboxes. These are voluminous structures made of plastic, aluminum, or metal with internal LED illumination. The shape of a lightbox can be virtually anything, thanks to the ability to bend plastic and glue its separate parts together. They are used for advertising on building facades, shop windows, interiors of shopping and entertainment complexes, and as light menus in cafes and restaurants.

Lightboxes come in various types:

  • Floor-standing;
  • Wall-mounted;
  • Ultra-thin;
  • Hanging;
  • Made of aluminum or plastic profile;
  • Made of composite materials with cut-out or protruding letters;
  • Custom-shaped lightboxes;
  • Boxes with a click profile;
  • Single-sided and double-sided.

Lightboxes are an effective means of attracting attention, working as continuous, 24/7 advertising agents. For the design and production of a lightbox, please contact our specialists.

  • Bright and creative design that focuses attention on the promoted material;
  • Wide audience coverage through quick visual contact, day and night;
  • Visibility in various lighting conditions, especially when illuminated;
  • Compatibility with other technologies such as letters, inlay, LEDs, and more.
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What attracts customers first in a store or any other establishment offering various services? It's undoubtedly the facade. Therefore, facade signs are incredibly popular, supporting the overall style and design and serving as the "face" of the company. They convey a message to the consumer, helping them decide whether to enter and use the services. Facade signs use a combination of materials, types of illumination, and mounting technologies. Lightboxes, three-dimensional letters, LED lighting, and external facade illumination are often combined to create a variety of elements.
The experts at Megapolis holding will create an individual layout for your facade sign, considering all your preferences, and will complete its installation in the shortest possible time.

  • Effective advertising medium with readable and memorable information on the building facade;
  • Increase in brand recognition and brand image indicators;
  • Bright, high-quality design contributes to attracting new customers.
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Want your company or brand to be noticed by numerous potential consumers? Take advantage of the service of placing a unique image structure – rooftop installations. Being on the roof and rising above neighboring buildings, such an unusual structure will undoubtedly attract attention due to its unique format. The height of rooftop installations is usually 1-5 meters, and the length depends on the content of the advertising message. This is one of the most prestigious types of advertising.
Our company's design department will help develop a unique model, and production and installation, in the hands of true professionals, will be carried out in the shortest possible terms. To order a rooftop installation, contact our experts.

  • Best visibility. Structures are placed on the roofs of buildings located in the central parts of cities and near highways with high traffic. They are perfectly visible and readable from a great distance;
  • Large coverage and dominating impact on potential customers due to creative design and optimal location;
  • Placement allows the company or brand to demonstrate prestige, instill confidence in reliability and stability;
  • The scale and brightness of the presented advertising layout allow for a high-quality highlighting of your brand among others, capturing attention effectively.
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