Modern artistic illumination of building facades and other architectural structures is a significant marketing move for shops, offices, establishments, and enterprises. Think about how many times you yourself have noticed vibrant facades that glow in the dark, seemingly inconspicuous during the day. It is through the use of light that we achieve the instant effect of establishing visual contact.

The advertising agency "Megapolis" offers numerous options for implementing any design ideas:

  • General ambient lighting;
  • Local lighting;
  • Outline lighting;
  • Silhouette highlighting;
  • Illuminated facades;
  • Light dynamics;
  • Dynamic light control.

By using facade lighting, we will help add aesthetic appeal, functionality, presentability, and beauty to your property. And most importantly, no pedestrian or driver will just pass by without looking at it. Contact our experts today!

  • Provides the structure with a new image;
  • Helps improve the image;
  • Instantly attracts the attention of potential customers;
  • Gives the building facade a demonstrative appearance.
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