How much time does it take for a person to notice advertising and remember its main message? It all depends on the chosen medium, layout design, and the placement of your informational material. The better you adhere to quality and thoughtful presentation, the better the result you achieve in the end. We can confidently state that advertising in trains has been in great demand among advertisers for quite a long period. After all, it is a relatively inexpensive and effective method for reaching a large audience of potential clients. Millions of residents and guests of our country use interregional railway transportation every year. All railways in Ukraine are divided into:

  • Southwest Railway;
  • Southern Railway;
  • Lviv Railway;
  • Prydniprovsk Railway;
  • Odesa Railway;
  • Donetsk Railway.

Taking into account this division, as well as considering the type of train car, we can create an advertising campaign that fully meets all the requirements of our clients, and the result of its implementation will be characterized by a high level of efficiency.


To determine the effectiveness of railway advertising and its ability to meet the goals of your advertising campaign, let's consider the following advantages of this type of promotion:

  • Use of targeted advertising oriented to the geographical data of the train's movement direction and passenger class;
  • Duration of interaction between advertising and the passenger;
  • Unobtrusiveness of information perception due to the passenger's available free time, which they willingly spend on examining an interestingly presented advertising layout;
  • Protection of train advertising from the influence of atmospheric precipitation and sudden temperature changes;
  • Round-the-clock operation of advertising media, significantly increasing the chances of the material being noticed;
  • Relatively low cost of transit advertising compared to some other forms of marketing displays.

Thanks to the close and well-established cooperation between the "Megapolis" holding and "Ukrzaliznytsia" (Ukrainian Railways), we have successfully implemented numerous projects of various complexity levels. A significant advantage here is the possibility of quickly resolving requests for the necessary placement and affordable prices for advertising in trains. To place advertising in interregional trains, we suggest choosing from the following media:

  • A3 flyers in coupe/1st class;
  • A3 flyers in the open sleeper cars (platskart).

At first glance, a simple flyer can have an individual style and an original layout if you take a non-standard approach to its creation. Our company's design department will help you with that. Nothing is impossible for us! In the hands of professionals, every idea of yours will be implemented into a large-scale and weighty project. See for yourself! We are waiting for you!

Like any other form of advertising, promotion in interregional train cars corresponds to certain requirements. Thus, for attracting an affluent audience of potential clients to your business, take advantage of the opportunity to place advertising material on A3 flyers in coupe/1st class. This medium is placed in a quantity of 11 pieces in one train car.

  • Use of geotargeting and distribution of advertising material to passengers of the middle and higher income levels;
  • The plane with informational material is in a visible place for viewing;
  • The layout is not affected by precipitation;
  • Accessibility of the layout with advertising material for viewing 24/7.
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Every passenger will definitely pay attention to the advertising material while waiting for the train to stop. The main condition here is that the material is presented in a high-quality and simple way that arouses interest at first sight. A3 leaflets are placed in 4 pieces in reserved seats.

  • Mass coverage of the audience;
  • Convenient placement of informational material for viewing;
  • High efficiency of the campaign aimed at spreading information about products or services of mass use;
  • Accessibility of the layout with advertising material for familiarization 24/7.
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