At the end of August this year, in the heart of business and entertainment in Kyiv, at the intersection of Shota Rustaveli Street and Rognedinska Street, a unique LED screen was installed. It's a true MEGA format with dimensions of 23*8 meters, and it's even cornered with a continuous curved screen! This unique media facade has already gained popularity among our clients. It is bright, well-visible from both short and long distances. The video display time from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM allows reaching a significant portion of the city's residents and guests, including pedestrians, drivers, and public transport passengers. There are several advantages that make this platform exceptional:

  • Excellent location, taking into account the flow of traffic and pedestrians, brings 29,000 contacts per day for the implemented advertising campaign within the viewing area.
  • Flexible format for displaying informational material. We have the ability to broadcast various stories with rotation and promptly change plots throughout the advertising campaign.
  • Video advertising attracts much more attention than ordinary static billboards, which are quite common everywhere today.

Advertising on an LED screen is among the highest-quality promotion tools, always in demand. Agree that each of you will notice a bright and impressive story displayed on such a huge screen. The main goal of the work is to establish visual contact. The creativity and uniqueness of the advertising plot will undoubtedly spark the desire to watch it in its entirety. If you're stuck in traffic or using public transport, the video on the LED screen becomes the best means to capture attention and make your journey more diverse.

According to statistics, 90% of people pay attention to video facades, of which 60% always watch the video to the end. Let your implemented advertising on the LED screen also fall into those secretive 60%, bringing new loyal customers to your business. Our company, in turn, guarantees full support in implementing all processes of your advertising campaign, timely and high-quality work, and the best prices for advertising in Kyiv. We look forward to seeing you!

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