The most effective way to capture a person's attention, potentially turning them into a loyal customer, is to establish visual contact with them. By using POS materials, we can easily achieve this result.

Types of POS materials:

  • Materials in the external design area;
  • Materials in the entrance group;
  • Materials in the sales area;
  • Materials in the display area;
  • Materials in the touch zone.

Currently, there is a wide variety of POS materials on the market, including demonstration stands, dispensers, glorifiers, displays, lightboxes, cassettes, danglers, menu holders, price holders, stoppers, accumulator displays, coin holders, pallets, stands, promo displays, show-boxes, advertising stands, etc. Each option has its individual character and provides excellent effectiveness when used. For detailed information, please contact our experts.

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To always be visible to countless people who represent potential customers and achieve significant audience coverage, both among passengers, drivers, and ordinary pedestrians, place advertisements using vehicle branding. We can use any type of transport to create a unique advertising medium:

  • Buses;
  • Trolleybuses;
  • Shuttle taxis;
  • Regular taxis;
  • Cars;
  • Freight transport;
  • Corporate transport.

Our experts can help you develop a plot and choose materials for the effective implementation of the project.

  • Wide coverage of an active consumer audience;
  • Ability to use targeted advertising based on the vehicle's movement;
  • No need to purchase advertising space;
  • No need for registration required for billboards and banners;
  • Longevity of the quality-applied advertising material;
  • Branding corporate transport supports the company or brand's image.
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Attract attention within seconds, establish an immediate visual contact, evoke a desire to take a closer look at the advertising offer, and not just look but also use it - all these can be achieved through sales area branding. This service provides our clients with the opportunity for guaranteed sales growth and increased recognition among consumers. Various retail points benefit from branding, including:

  • Stores;
  • Kiosks;
  • Restaurants;
  • Car repair shops and gas stations;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Supermarkets.

Different types of advertising media can be used for sales area branding, depending on our client's goals and preferences.
Branding sales locations are an excellent way to demonstrate loyalty to each customer. People don't need to search or guess where the store they need is located nearby. The retail point itself will indicate its location. For inquiries about the production of sales area branding, please contact our experts.

  • Directly decorating the sales area serves as an alternative option for guaranteed attention from the target audience;
  • Promotes action in establishing and maintaining the brand's leadership position in the market;
  • Influences an increase in product sales volumes;
  • Increases brand recognition and consumer loyalty.
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