Non-traditional Outdoor Placements
Non-traditional Outdoor Placements

Every day, in various corners of the city, we encounter a diverse array of advertising displays. Of course, if the design is large, vibrant, and colorful, we will pay attention, but will we truly remember the information that advertisers sought to convey? To achieve the desired result and be memorable at first glance, experienced marketers resort to enhancing the effect of standard placements through various unconventional elements. The main goal of this promotion method is to attract attention through creative and unconventional presentation of material. Moreover, it aims to significantly impact the enhancement and consolidation of the brand image and its recognition among consumers. Unconventional advertising is what every business needs today for qualitative and effective development.


With years of experience in creating numerous advertising campaigns using unconventional displays, the Megapolis Holding team is ready to implement what may initially seem impossible. For unconventional advertising, we offer the following possibilities:

  • Placement of advertising extenders
  • Unconventional branding of bus stops
  • Unconventional formats in urban locations
  • Unconventional branding in the metro (stations, crossings, depots)
  • Unconventional advertising at airports
  • Seasonal displays (parks, mountain resorts, beaches)

Unconventional advertising displays, thanks to modern design possibilities and the quality of materials used during the advertising campaign, allow for the realization of the most interesting and seemingly unrealizable ideas. To understand how effective the promotion of your products or services can be and compare the cost of unconventional advertising with other marketing methods, consider its main advantages:

  • The uniqueness of information presentation enables us to garner widespread attention
  • Carries a strong emotional impact. Its unusual appearance captivates and prompts a desire for closer examination, aiding precise and rapid memorization
  • The opportunity to establish trust with your clients from the initial stage of acquaintance with the advertised product or service
  • A myriad of unique locations for placing unconventional advertising
  • Enhancement of company image and recognition

The staff of our agency will help you to solve all your questions and understand the prices for non-standard advertising.

Extenders have gained particular popularity in outdoor advertising placements in Ukraine. They represent a part of the advertising narrative that goes beyond the standard construction framework. Through their use, the advertising layout takes on a livelier appearance, more realistically conveying the campaign's purpose, attracting much more attention from potential clients.

Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign, as well as the season and duration of daylight, the experts at the Megapolis Holding offer extender options that help highlight necessary accents and evoke the desired emotion in consumers. These may include light and protruding elements, the use of neon, liquids, sequins, projections, and even fogging systems.

  • Billboards;
  • Citylights;
  • Brandmauers;
  • Bus stop complexes;
  • Non-standard constructions.
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Branding of a bus stop ensures excellent results for the implemented advertising campaign. The ability to embody unusual ideas and involve non-traditional elements yields a positive outcome, bringing the brand an active audience of potential customers, popularity, and recognition among consumers.

  • Ability to target advertising directed at specific locations;
  • Wide coverage of the audience, attracting not only waiting passengers but also pedestrians and drivers;
  • Advertising at a transport stop allows the presentation of advertising material even in places where large formats cannot be deployed;
  • Unconventional presentation of goods or services acts as a free publicity campaign, attracting significant interest and encouraging people to take photos, thereby contributing to the broader dissemination of advertising information.
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Creative departments often come up with various unconventional advertising formats in urban locations to solve clients' tasks efficiently. These formats, when professionally developed, attract maximum attention to the promotional object.

Main formats include:

  • Installation placements
  • Branding of cable cars, Ferris wheels
  • Murals
  • 3D mapping, light shows
  • due to its unusual presentation, it has the least irritating effect. The seen advertisement is not perceived intrusively and is easy to remember;
  • wide coverage of the active audience;
  • high frequency and duration of advertising contact;
  • targeting of advertising with a focus on a specific audience, its goals and interests, as well as those who live or work near the location of the object;
  • has the properties of viral advertising due to the dissemination of photos taken against its background through social networks.
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Finding a target audience for your business is easily achievable in the metro, where a constant stream of passengers allows maximum exposure to potential consumers. Properly executed advertising campaigns, using modern unconventional elements, can lead to positive reviews and an increase in regular customers.

Unconventional branding in the metro is available at:

  • Stations
  • Crossings
  • Trains
  • High advertising results due to unconventional information presentation;
  • Broad audience coverage, including not only metro passengers but also those who see branded trains on surface routes;
  • The surprise effect attracts and focuses attention on the advertising material, and the unexpectedness allows for a memorable impact.
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Outdoor advertising on megafomats is already directed towards achieving high results. However, to get a real WOW effect and reach the heart of the consumer, classic placements should be enhanced. Unconventional approaches to outdoor advertising placement guarantee:


  • The highest number of positive responses from the audience;
  • Generating a desire in potential consumers to take advantage of the offer;
  • Wide coverage of the audience, consisting of various age and social groups of residents and city guests;
  • Easy memorization of the brand/product/service due to the instant perception of the presented narrative.
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Airport advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies to attract a middle to upper-middle-income audience, including entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and individuals open to new opportunities and interested in personal development.

Main Formats of Advertising Displays:

  • Hanging Constructions: Suspended structures that can capture attention from various angles.
  • Placement of Unconventional Constructions: Deploying unique structures that deviate from standard advertising formats.
  • Branding of Children's Areas: Creating a branded space within the airport dedicated to children.
  • Individual Displays: Tailoring advertising displays to suit specific preferences.
  • Wide Coverage of Affluent Audience: Reaching a financially capable audience;
  • Extended Advertising Contact: Due to the longer dwell time of passengers in airports;
  • Varied Choices for Placement: Selecting suitable locations within the airport;
  • Diverse Options for Unconventional Advertising Mediums: Choosing from a wide range of non-traditional advertising mediums.
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Seasons play a vital role in the effective dissemination of advertising information among consumers. Utilizing unconventional structures with consideration to seasonality can include:

Summer Displays in Parks and Beaches:

  • Branding of benches
  • Installation of artistic and plant-based installations
  • Branding of bike parking areas
  • Branding of waste bins
  • Individual displays

Beach Advertising:

  • Branding of changing room cabins
  • Branding of shower cabins
  • Individual displays

Advertising at Ice Rinks:

  • Branding on ice surfaces
  • Advertising on boards
  • Installation of advertising stands
  • Promotional events

Advertising at Ski Resorts:

  • Placement of advertising banners
  • Branding of chairlifts
  • Conducting promotional events and special events
  • Installation of advertising installations and volumetric structures
  • Branding of first aid stations
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