Where the mountains and alpine meadows meet, it is a wonderful place. Here, amidst unique beauty, one can relax and gain new strength to confidently move forward into the challenges of today, towards victory. This place is called the heart of the Carpathians and the largest mountain ski resort in Eastern Europe. This is Bukovel. Visitors love it because it offers all the conditions for relaxation, recreation, sports, and business. The complex is located on 5 mountains, has its own artificial lake covering an area of 6.8 hectares, 71 km of prepared slopes, 17 lifts with a capacity of 40,000 people/hour, a ski school, snowboarding, a bike park, the "Voda" club, and countless other attractions that attract thousands of visitors regardless of the season.

We recommend Bukovel for advertising placement because it is an effective way to promote your business to a wide audience, establish communication with consumers, and present your brand favorably in the market. Of course, the war in Ukraine has affected the life of the complex, and there is no expectation of an influx of foreign tourists this year. However, this will not impact the number of visitors, and the ski season will definitely take place*. Bukovel is preferred by Ukrainians who previously vacationed abroad. In addition, a significant flow of internally displaced persons and short-term migration of Ukrainians with high income levels is noted here. All these facts indicate the activity and relevance of Bukovel's services.

The vast territory of the complex allows the use of both static and video formats for advertising, working on mass audience coverage and implementing interesting non-standard ideas that will broadly target the audience through direct contact with the customer. Among the advertising carriers and services, we offer for communication with the consumer:

  • Brandmauers;
  • Billboards;
  • Videoboards;
  • Branding of bridges and columns;
  • Chair lifts and turnstiles;

BTL activities. Promo events: demonstrations, tastings; contests, giveaways, master classes, test drives, promotions, including within mass events; distribution among the target audience: leaflets, flyers, branded souvenir products, merchandise, any materials; branded installations, brand relaxation areas, promotional stands; illumination production and connection; auto exhibition.
The results of previously implemented projects have shown that comprehensive advertising is particularly effective here, as it allows reaching the audience in various activities. Both short-term and long-term campaigns can be implemented.
Just as the Carpathian mountains withstand the winds, so do we stand firm and continue to work. Everything will be Ukraine!
*Data: estimate by Megapolis based on information from the information center of TC "Bukovel."

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