As monthly advertising expenses rise without the expected influx of potential clients, many entrepreneurs find themselves in a familiar predicament. To effectively address this issue, the "Megapolis" holding recommends the use of unconventional indoor advertising. By implementing coverage programs in various locations, we ensure a continuous flow of interested audiences. These individuals, engrossed in their daily activities, unexpectedly encountering the advertising narrative, easily comprehend and remember the cleverly disguised proposition.


Utilizing non-traditional techniques in advertising events enhances the recognition and demand for your brand. To appreciate the effectiveness and compare the cost of unconventional advertising with other marketing methods, consider the following advantages:

  • ABILITY TO USE TARGETED ADVERTISING: Placing ads in strategic locations where your target audience is consistently present attracts the most interested people
  • PROTECTION AGAINST WEATHER CONDITIONS: Unconventional indoor advertising is shielded from the impact of weather
  • DIVERSITY OF CREATIVE ADVERTISING DISPLAYS: Using various creative displays and modern technologies stimulates active interaction with consumers (promotions, sampling, QR codes, vending machines)
  • REACHING POTENTIAL CLIENTS OF ANY INCOME LEVEL: Depending on the objectives of the advertising event.
  • WORD-OF-MOUTH EFFECT: Unusual advertising objects prompt people to take photos, leading to additional free traffic from potential clients when shared on social networks

As each year passes, more and more new locations in Ukrainian cities become ideal for unconventional indoor advertising. Currently available options include:

  • Business centers
  • Higher education institutions (universities)
  • Fitness centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Hypermarkets
  • Gas stations
  • Cinemas
  • Post offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies and medical institutions
  • Premium locations (yacht clubs and golf clubs)

Professionals of Megapolis Holding, having many years of experience, will help you decide on the most suitable place to place your advertising material, and our creative department will supplement your marketing plan with the best ideas and create all the conditions for its fast and high-quality implementation. To order custom advertising, contact our specialists.

For a compelling impact on affluent individuals with above-average income and high-quality product expectations, we recommend placing unconventional indoor advertising in business centers.

Key advertising formats:

  • Installation of a site-light (1.2x1.8 m) inside the business center.
  • Placement of A3 posters inside elevators.
  • Installation of stands with posters and brochures.
  • Branding of elevators.
  • Video advertising on monitors.
  • High frequency of advertising contact;
  • Quality use of targeted advertising (considering the location, interests, and consumer status);
  • Absence of advertising clutter. Your potential clients won't see any information from other companies near your advertisement;
  • Excellent opportunity to enhance brand image and popularity.
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For effective promotion of products targeting young audiences, event announcements, and job searches, leverage advertising placement in universities.

Key advertising formats:

  • A4, A3, A2 posters.
  • Lightboxes (1.2x1.8 m).
  • Extended and continuous advertising contacts with consumers;
  • Use of targeted advertising based on age, interests, and location;
  • Lack of excessive advertising information in educational institutions' interiors ensures your material will be seen and find its audience;
  • High campaign effectiveness.
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For quality brand and product promotion, take advantage of placing unconventional advertising in fitness centers in your city.

Key advertising formats:

  • Placement of posters in dressing rooms.
  • Posters in lockers.
  • Sampling (distribution of free product samples).
  • Installation of stands with advertising materials.
  • Branding of mirrors.
  • Conducting promotions and event activities.
  • Installation of advertising structures (roll-up stands, banners, lightboxes).
  • Ability to choose a target audience by territorial markers;
  • Coverage of an economically active part of the population, open to creatively presented advertising propositions;
  • Duration and frequency of advertising contact. Visits to fitness clubs are not limited to a single occasion, increasing the chances of your informational material being seen;
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Shopping malls have become favorite places for shopping and leisure. By placing unconventional advertising in TRCs, we secure a constant flow of an audience that reacts with genuine interest to creatively presented advertising layouts.

Key advertising formats:

  • Branding of elevators, escalators, entrance groups.
  • Installation of site-lights, lightboxes, and posters inside the TRC.
  • Audio and video advertising.
  • Suspended structures.
  • Display of cars.
  • Facade advertising placement.
  • Brand zone placement (photo zones).
  • Conducting promotions and event activities.

Also, for the clients of the Megapolis holding, our employees are ready to create and execute individual formats of non-standard advertising.

  • High effectiveness for announcing sales, promotions, or other favorable offers from a store located in or near the TRC building;
  • Interaction with representatives of the economically active population;
  • Opportunity for broad coverage of audiences of different ages and social statuses;
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Implemented advertising in a building hypermarket demonstrates excellent results. It's not surprising, as the audience consists of visitors who are interested in offers aimed at improving the quality of life and simplifying various household or production processes through the use of modern products.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Video clip broadcast on monitors.
  • Broad coverage of the middle to upper-middle-income audience;
  • Effective placement of advertising announcements for promotions, discounts, and other advantageous offers in the hypermarket.
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Advertising at gas stations provides an excellent opportunity not only for continuous engagement with the middle to upper-middle-income audience but also helps maintain the brand image at a high level.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Video clip broadcast on monitors.
  • Repeated and prolonged contact between advertising material and gas station visitors;
  • Possibility of using targeted advertising;
  • Quality contact with the advertising medium.
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While waiting to watch an exciting film, every visitor will be interested in considering creatively presented offers. Advertising in cinemas is an effective marketing method for attracting a flow of potential customers.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Advertising clips on the big screen.
  • Advertising clips in the lobby.
  • Citylights.
  • Floor advertising.
  • Branding of chair backs.
  • Branding of tickets.
  • Photo zones.
  • Best perception of advertising material due to the positive influence of the cinema visit;
  • Duration of interaction between the advertised product and the consumer;
  • Wide coverage of an actively provided audience;
  • Non-intrusive advertising.
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A relatively new but already in-demand advertising method is placing ads in post offices.

Main formats of advertising displays:

Video clip broadcast on monitors.
A1 posters.

  • Suitable for both large and small businesses;
  • Possibility of targeting ads based on the location of a specific post office;
  • Low cost per contact with the audience;
  • Instant launch of an advertising campaign;
  • Possibility to integrate a QR code into the ad for direct access to the client's website.
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The advertising holding "Megapolis" provides a full range of advertising placement services in supermarkets. We can confidently state that this marketing method has the highest probability of effectively reaching the affluent audience that makes purchases here.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Branding of the store's entrance group.
  • Branding of the gate pass surfaces on the supermarket premises.
  • Advertising in the entrance sleeve.
  • Advertisement on the lockers in storage rooms.
  • A-stand installation in the shopping rows.
  • Pallet branding.
  • Shopping cart branding.
  • Placement of POS materials (wobblers, shelf stoppers, etc.) on product shelves.
  • Advertising in the checkout area (branding of the coin box, customer dividers, conveyor belts).
  • Placement of audio advertising in supermarkets.
  • Placement of video advertising in supermarkets.
  • Branding of interior elements in the sales area.
  • Direct impact on the consumer, encouraging immediate purchases;
  • Wide coverage of the affluent audience;
  • Facade advertising attracts the attention of both visitors and passersby.
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To attract the attention of clients concerned about their quality of life, advertising in pharmacies and medical-preventive institutions can be highly effective. Each location has an average daily foot traffic of approximately 400 people. With well-executed advertising, these individuals can become your regular customer base.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Posters (A1 in pharmacies).
  • Video on tablets.
  • Video in pediatric clinics.
  • Branding of changing tables.
  • Branding of exchange cards.
  • Placement at the point of sale in the premium zone (touchpoint);
  • High frequency of contacts;
  • Promotion of promotional offers in each individual network;
  • Wide and rapid coverage of the target audience tied to the brand's sales location;
  • Ability to provide information about products in the OTS, Rx, and dietary supplement categories.
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Placing non-standard advertising in premium locations enhances high image indicators and ensures a guaranteed audience flow with a high income level. Premium locations include golf clubs, yacht clubs, equestrian clubs, and restaurants.

Main formats of advertising displays:

  • Placement of citylights, banners.
  • Branding of all possible inventory (golf courses, yachts, etc.).
  • Branding with a social component: power banks, blankets, outdoor furniture.

Additionally, for clients of the "Megapolis" holding, our staff is ready to create and execute individual formats of non-standard advertising.

  • Possibility to target advertising to a specific target audience;
  • Significant increase in brand popularity and the offered product or service;
  • Long duration of advertising contact.
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