Every product or company requires constant advertising. This is something every advertiser, especially a professional marketer, will tell you. Today, in our arsenal, we have a vast range of media that can effectively perform their functions in various advertising campaigns. The originality and unconventional ideas generated in our designs help attract audiences of different age groups and income levels. The advertising agency "Megapolis" offers the development, manufacturing, and installation of the following structures for advertising display:

  • Citylights;
  • Backlits;
  • Billboards;
  • LED screens;
  • Shields;
  • Framelights;
  • Lightboxes with Click systems;
  • Stands, winders, and passers-by;
  • Banners;
  • Banner systems;
  • And many other formats.
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One of the most effective methods of outdoor advertising today is the use of banners and brandmauers. Bright, with high-quality and interesting images – they are impossible to ignore. To make a banner, it is necessary to create an advertising canvas that will be attached to the structure during installation. Banners are printed on wide-format printing machines. Installation can be done on almost any surface – from a fence to the facade of a tall building. For advertising on building facades, brandmauers are used. They are non-standard canvases with bright advertising plots placed on the walls of urban buildings. Banner fabric or mesh is used in production. If it's necessary to place a brandmauer on a blank wall, it can be made from opaque vinyl canvas. Our agency will efficiently and quickly develop and install any type and size of media, such as banners, brandmauers, or banners. For ordering and clarifying details, contact our specialists.

  • Opportunity to use a large area for outdoor advertising;
  • Excellent visibility from a significant distance due to the large size;
  • Products resistant to adverse weather conditions and capable of being displayed for more than one year;
  • An ideal option for conducting a long-term image advertising campaign for a large brand;
  • Placing a brandmauer on a building wall allows advertising to be placed even in the city center, where the placement of other structures is impossible.
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Extenders are particularly popular in advertising placement throughout Ukraine, representing a part of the advertising plot that goes beyond the standard structure. By using them, the advertising layout gains a more vibrant appearance and realistically conveys the campaign's purpose, attracting much more attention from potential customers. The "Megapolis" agency offers the following options for placing extenders in outdoor advertising:

  • 2D extender – a classic option where part of the plot extends outward, emphasizing the necessary accents. The effect can be enhanced by adding lighting elements;
  • 3D extender – volumetric details are used on the advertising plane. This gives the plot vivacity and impressiveness with an aesthetic look;
  • Light extenders – most effective from September to April. The feature lies in the use of various lighting elements and the possibility of their combination;
  • Air extender – technology allows adding dynamics to the plot. It works both in bright light and when external lighting is turned on.

For a detailed overview and clarification of all questions, contact our consultants.

  • On boards;
  • On citylights;
  • On brandmauers;
  • On stop complexes;
  • On non-standard structures.
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