Great news for Kharkiv residents! The digitization of the metro is in full swing!
Yes, within 2021-2022, information video monitors are planned to be installed and launched in 250 cars, totaling 1000 units. Such a video information system has already proven itself in the Kyiv metro, and now Kharkiv residents and city guests have the opportunity to appreciate its advantages.
The first test placement in one of the Saltivske depot trains has already passed a positive check by the most important evaluators - its passengers. And of course, since the social functions performed by this system are important and convenient for all metro users. The video material on the monitors provides information about:

  • the current and next stations;
  • transport hubs near the metro;
  • the time needed to reach a specific station on the line.

Previously, for people with disabilities, including hearing impairments, all the information mentioned above was inaccessible as it was transmitted in the form of audio announcements. Now, thanks to the installed monitors in the cars, orientation will become much easier. Moreover, passengers will forget what a boring trip is because they will be accompanied by:

  • bright video materials about nature and the environment;
  • large-scale aerial videos of landmarks near the stations;
  • geolocation tags to help navigate the area.

An interesting and useful feature for the Kharkiv metro audience will be a block of advertising stories from companies and brands. In a non-intrusive form, advertisers can present their services or products and receive significant coverage and potential consumers. After the full launch of the Saltivske depot, work will continue on the rest of the lines, Kharkiv-Zavodska and Oleksiivska. A little patience... and video monitors will be available for everyone to use.

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