"Wow! That's such an impressive train!" - passengers of the Kyiv metro share their impressions upon seeing the branded train for residential complexes and renovated apartments by "Intergal-Bud." The company has introduced a new product to the market: fully furnished apartments with renovations from the developer. To support this, they organized a massive advertising project, involving both external and internal branding of metro trains. The project was implemented in partnership with the "Megapolis" holding. For broader audience coverage, they branded two metro trains operating on the red and blue lines. The "Megapolis" holding provided the following services:

  • External branding: The train showcases images of "Intergal-Bud" residential complexes and provides the company's contact information.
  • Internal branding: The interior of the train is transformed with designer renovations through surface wrapping inside the carriage.
  • Placement of video clips on monitors.

Indeed, seeing the metro train redesigned in a new style is quite unexpected and delightful. It's as if you haven't left your home. A regular journey takes on an atmosphere of homely warmth and comfort. The first impression from the bright external design is enhanced by the interior train design and the advertisements on the monitors. The instant perception of informational material works flawlessly. For the consumer, it's a presentation of creativity where they don't see an advertisement but are presented with a storyline that captures attention and is easily memorable. Exciting metro journeys in Kyiv with "Intergal-Bud"!

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