Everyone will agree that building trustworthy relationships with clients is extremely challenging in today's society. This is especially true when it comes to the real estate industry. To buy or sell an apartment or house, one needs to rely only on verified sources. Our client, "DOM.RIA," specializes in the sale and rental of various types of real estate, both from private individuals and developers or real estate agencies. With years of experience, the company understands its clients and knows what they expect, utilizing their website. Only verified properties, developers, and agencies are listed here. To implement advertising projects for "DOM.RIA," we also use proven locations and marketing methods:

  • In 2019-2020, transport across Ukraine was partially branded, with 118 units. This type of advertising service allowed for effectively reaching a significant and diverse audience.
  • In 2021, advertisements were placed in the metro systems of Kyiv and Kharkiv. The benefits of promotion in these locations are well-known, relying on constant passenger flow.

Metro advertising for "DOM.RIA" is a massive project. Numerous advertising mediums are involved, placed in different parts of the metro. This not only maximizes attention from visitors, regardless of their location, but also strengthens the effect of previously seen ads. For instance, an ad on a train window reinforces the ad seen on escalator arches. Each layout tells a separate story with its own narrator. "Live" photos of people and the firm "verified" undoubtedly contribute to the consumer's positive decision to use the website. Client trust is essential. As "DOM.RIA" gains it through the right advertising strategy and the organized work of its team, "Megapolis" gains it through the effectiveness of tasks performed, allowing the business of advertising service clients to move forward.

Used advertising mediums in Kyiv metro:

  • Track walls – 68 units;
  • Infostands – 155 units;
  • Escalator arches – 144 units;
  • Window ads – 1 per 716 train cars.

Used advertising mediums in Kharkiv metro:

  • A2 format leaflets – 1 each in 290 train cars;
  • Track walls – 34 units;
  • Escalator arches – 24 units.
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