The rapid progress of digital advertising keeps all advertisers and marketers in shape. The main thing is to stay in trend and not miss new advertising opportunities that allow you to gather more "live" active audience. The "Megapolis" holding follows global advertising trends and opens up new possibilities for its clients!
In December, we launched another grand project - a mega-sized screen on Stepana Bandery Avenue at the "Blockbuster Mall" shopping mall in Kyiv. Its colossal size fits perfectly into the building facade. Watch the video to see how tiny the cars in the parking lot beneath it look! The scale and quality of the display allow advertisers to spectacularly present their product. Drivers and passengers will have enough time to see the advertising block - traffic jams are often on this section of the avenue.

Hardly 100 years ago, when the first color televisions began to appear, could anyone imagine that huge color screens would "look" at us from a height right in the middle of the street. But today it is a reality, all thanks to the LED screen. Such technology is not afraid of weather conditions, whether it's day or night, the image is always vibrant and visible in any lighting. Advertising on the media facade of this format looks prestigious and relevant - besides informing about the product, it is an investment in the image of your brand and recognizability.
Add your content to our new LED facade - let the digital technologies of UN-advertising work for your business. We will help you keep up with the times!
Technical specifications of the LED screen:

  • Area: 275 sq.m
  • Size: 22.08x12.48 m
  • Operating hours: 07:00-22:00
  • OTS (Opportunities to See): 77,000/day
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