We collect large format advertising

Large-scale advertising on billboards... Some have seen it, some have heard of it, and the "Megapolis" holding has the honor of being directly involved in its creation. The world of advertising is filled with various promotion methods, many of which our clients want to try in their marketing strategy. And billboards, as one of them, enjoy excellent demand as they stand out among similar ones with outstanding results.

As "Megapolis" is one of the largest outdoor advertising operators, our media is located in many corners of the capital. On the way from "Boryspil" airport, for our clients, we offer one of the best options - a billboard measuring 22*12 meters. It was here, in October 2020, that one of our regular clients - the website for collectors "Violete" - introduced itself.

"Violete," although an internet platform oriented towards digital, has already gained successful experience with "Megapolis" in offline advertising. The new campaign included placements: on LED facades; in the subway of Kyiv and Kharkiv; on public transport; at "Boryspil" and airports in Kharkiv, Lviv, and Odesa; in passenger trains; city electric trains, and high-speed trams. Mandatory was the repeated billboard advertising, and there is a clear explanation for this:

  • We get the opportunity to attract an audience mainly belonging to the premium category.
  • Your advertising works without interruption: around the clock, throughout the week.
  • The huge area of the carrier, equivalent to 14 standard billboards, allows you to place almost all the necessary information.
  • With its scale, the carrier attracts and holds the attention en masse.

Collecting and collecting something has always been fashionable. And the "Violete" website offers a huge selection of absolutely different groups of items. To quickly catch the consumer's attention, our designers created an exciting but simple picture. You look at the plot, and immediately feel like a participant in a famous auction. Well, the website address to play this role is there.

For such projects, the "Megapolis" holding offers the entire range of services at once: layout design, production, placement. It is very convenient since you trust everything "in one hand," and we report on each stage passed.

Advertising at the airport is always profitable and promising for any company. The billboard with "Violete" advertising receives about 600,000 impressions per month. Such a statistical figure on consumers is very attractive for various types of businesses. We expertly declare that it is profitable, and you - try it and see!

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