How much time of your life is spent on trips? A lot! And what is the main priority for you on the road? Comfort! And here, no matter what type of transport you use, whether personal or public, comfortable travel is above all. This factor is at the core of Autolux's work, which has been engaged in passenger transportation to various parts of Ukraine since 1997. Over 40 daily routes and about 40,000 passengers per month use the services of this carrier company. "Travel Ukraine," says Autolux, and not just says, but does it together with you.
Not long ago, experts from the Megapolis holding, in partnership with the advertising agency "Kit Media," completed the external branding of buses for Autolux. And it seemed like a simple task – applying logos to the surface of 7 buses, but in the end, important goals were achieved:

  • Branding of transport as a means of supporting the company's image in various regions of our country.
  • The opportunity for free distribution of advertising information about the existence of this carrier.
  • Customer care because passengers easily recognize their bus even from a significant distance.

A very interesting solution in this project was the preliminary wrapping of the entire surface of the white vehicle with a high-quality blue film, after which the logo was applied to its smooth and even surface. This allowed the client to save money and time on painting, as well as avoid downtime, waiting for everything to dry. The updated, bright, recognizable buses were ready for routes in minimal terms.
Collaboration with Autolux becomes a good tradition. A few projects in other directions have already been implemented a little earlier. And now, thanks to the professionalism of our specialists and the quality of the materials used, it will continue in the field of transport branding services.
It is extremely pleasant for all Megapolis employees to receive high results in the form of regular customers of our holding. With us, it's easy, profitable, and interesting. Shall we continue to cooperate?

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