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"Is he not scared up there? Can he do that?" asks a child, seeing a bear on the edge of the roof, dangling its paws and waving them cheerfully, capturing the attention of all passers-by. Well, this bear can do anything. Because this bear is not ordinary but a virtual advertising character. It was created for the first Canadian bilingual school and kindergarten, Maple Bear Kyiv, which is part of the global network Maple Bear Global Schools with over 560 schools worldwide.
When it came to creating a creative storyline, our team eagerly took on the implementation of a video ad with a 3D effect. There were no doubts about the result. With the rapid advancement of modern technologies, 3D advertising is at its peak of popularity across Europe and guaranteed to attract the audience's attention.

For the broadcast of the video, an LED screen on 16a Shota Rustaveli Street was selected. Using this media facade was the perfect solution as it allowed meeting all client requirements and ensured a high level of effectiveness:

  • The massive screen size (23*8 m) and corner shape allow seeing the LED screen advertising from both sides at a considerable distance.
  • Due to the technical characteristics of the screen, 3D plots are clear, vibrant, and bright.
  • Placing the video facade practically in the center of the capital ensures the mass coverage of a high and upper-middle-income audience.

Just look at this cute bear with a Canadian maple leaf. How can you pass by such a 3D beauty without admiring it? It's a wonder of modern technology that not only evokes fascination but also helps businesses in promotion and acquiring new customers.

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