he largest Ukrainian manufacturer of non-standard advertising structures, MVG Group, has joined the "Megapolis" advertising holding. MVG Group is a multi-profile manufacturing company with three main areas of activity:

  • Outdoor advertising (extenders for billboards, installations inside city lights).
  • Exhibition and trade equipment and decorations.
  • Volumetric structures.

Through vertical integration, "Megapolis" strengthens its competitive advantages in the outdoor and transit advertising market, expanding the spectrum of production services in the advertising and BTL sectors overall. MVG Group, in turn, gains the opportunity to expand and update its production capacities to meet the recovering demand.
In July, MVG Group moved production to a new, larger, and more convenient facility from a logistical standpoint. The replacement of production equipment with more modern machinery is nearing completion. Partial automation of technical processes will reduce order lead times, minimize production waste, and optimize resource usage.


The revamped production will also facilitate the company's entry into foreign markets. Currently, the company is gearing up to serve Ukrainian companies that have entered or are planning to enter the Polish market.
The MVG Group team continues to operate in normal mode. One of MVG Group's most well-known projects in the extender segment for billboards is the "Epicentr" campaign promoting "Furniture Center" and "Deco Galleries."

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