Not long ago, our partner "Ed Strategies" selected a location in Kyiv with the best audience coverage for its client "Suzuki" – a space for a mega-sized banner on the South Bridge.
The placement of the banner in this location is quite fitting. After all, what better way to entertain drivers stuck in traffic in a rather monotonous industrial zone? With an exciting image, of course. And the advertising story about the ultra-compact and unique model of the "Suzuki Ignis" 2020 model year is appealing to both car trend connoisseurs and novice enthusiasts or ordinary passengers dreaming of their car.
The "Suzuki Ignis" advertisement in this location received increased attention from the target audience due to several factors:

  • The daily coverage of the advertising campaign is over 170,000 people.
  • The banner, sized 42*12 m and covering an area of 504 sq.m, is visible from both sides of the traffic.
  • The illumination of such a mega-sized ad works as an excellent "trap" to catch the attention of the driver and passengers during the dark hours of the day.
  • The information material receives a significantly higher number of views. It is clearly visible from a distance of 250 m, with a viewing angle of 90 degrees.

External advertising of such gigantic size, placed in an excellent location with good coverage and a bright colorful image, is always relevant for any advertiser. While moving around the city, you can easily miss interesting information on a banner of standard parameters. There is a high probability that it will "get lost" among the huge number of similar carriers. However, advertising of such a mega-format, presented on a plane in the form of a cube, looks very original from different angles of view and attracts numerous interested consumers.
This location has been used before for advertising projects and other car brands. We confidently state that it works well for various types of businesses because the audience viewing the ads here is quite diverse. Only by ordering outdoor advertising in Kyiv on such a massive carrier, you will fully appreciate its effectiveness. We are waiting for you!

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