There is no day without transport in the modern world. Every day, millions of people in Ukraine use ground transportation services: buses, trolleybuses, trams, and shuttle taxis. The passenger audience consists on average of people aged 25-45, with a moderate income level, who spend 10-30 minutes of their time on a single trip. Creative ideas of modern design and proper placement of advertising materials ensure the conversion of this broad audience into your loyal customers. The effectiveness of advertising on transport has long been proven. It is known that every third to fifth resident of a big city always pays attention to it. Therefore, this type of promotion is on par with online advertising, leaving newspapers, magazines, and radio behind. Skillful use of advertising on public transport is a guarantee of successful and continuous increase in the number of potential customers.


Transport advertising is most advantageous due to the possibility of broad audience coverage in terms of both age and income level. This type of advertising is visible to pedestrians, drivers passing by transport, and directly to passengers. Choosing to place advertising on buses, trolleybuses, trams, or minibusses has the following advantages:

  • Ability to inform residents of a specific area about your brand's products or services.
  • 100% contact with the target audience.
  • Extended impact period on consumers.
  • Utilization of a large area with good visibility for placing non-standard advertising with bright and creative presentation.
  • Cost of transport advertising is quite low compared to other forms of mass advertising.

We offer the following main formats of advertising on transport:

  • Full external branding of public transport (large and small vehicles).
  • Partial external branding.
  • Branding of the rear side (large and small vehicles).
  • Placement of leaflets inside transport vehicles.
  • Branding of corporate transport.

Each approach to creating a specific format has an individual character. Our creative department experts will help generate and implement your ideas, using not only the latest design and placement solutions but also considering the peculiarities of the trade market of a particular city or part of the city. You can familiarize yourself with the work of the department in the "Design" section. Advertising holding "Megapolis" is speed of execution, quality of materials, creative and proper project implementation. And also – the most favorable prices for advertising on transport. More details on how we work can be found in the "Services" section.

Branding public transport is one of the best methods of outdoor advertising in terms of price/quality ratio. The "Megapolis" holding has direct economic contracts with major municipal transport enterprises and private fleets throughout Ukraine, which allows each of our clients to receive orders executed as quickly as possible and the best prices for advertising on transport.

Main placement formats:

  • Full external branding. The sides are completely covered with maximum possible window covering (usually the window surface is covered by no more than 30-40%).
  • Partial external branding. Mainly used in regions where, for various reasons, complete covering of the sides with advertising material is prohibited.

Prices and other questions of interest can be obtained by contacting our managers.

  • Possibility of targeted advertising by location.
  • Presence of advertising messages in the central part of the city, where there are restrictions on the use of large formats.
  • Advertising plot is in constant motion, attracting the attention of other road users (pedestrians, drivers, passengers).
  • Large area for placing moving material.
  • Low cost of advertising contact.
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One of the most popular and modern types of transport advertising carriers is the transport of enterprises and organizations, as well as personal transport. Branding corporate transport allows both to cover the maximum audience of potential customers and significantly increase the recognition of the product or service of your company.

The employees of the "Megapolis" holding have extensive experience in implementing projects of any complexity – from partial branding of a passenger car to full wrapping of a large bus. There are also our own teams of highly qualified installers in Kyiv and in all regional centers of our country.

  • Absence of permanent costs for an advertising campaign and display terms. The material, namely the film used for transport branding, is strong, durable, and resistant to the negative impact of the environment.
  • Wide coverage of the audience. Advertising on corporate transport works wherever the vehicle is located. Bright plots attract the attention of both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Broad territorial coverage. Branding corporate transport provides the widest possibilities for territorial coverage.
  • Good opportunity for shaping and promoting the brand image or trademark.
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Placing leaflets inside transport vehicles is one of the most qualitative and inexpensive forms of advertising promotion aimed at users of public transport. The large daily passenger flow guarantees that a significant number of potential customers will see the placed advertising. In addition to buses and shuttle taxis, placement is also possible in urban electric transport: trolleybuses and trams in many cities of Ukraine.

Features of the carrier:


  • Suitable for both targeted coverage of individual city areas and mass placement simultaneously in a large number of vehicles.
  • Low cost per contact.
  • Coverage of the active part of the population.
  • High advertising efficiency indicators.
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