You've never seen a coffee cup this big. The "Megapolis" holding placed an engaging advertising story on the way to Boryspil Airport and in the parking lot near terminal D. It's impossible to miss this advertising on the mega billboard and backlights of the KLO gas station network. The beloved hot drink from KLO is effectively presented on large displays in an interesting advertising story.

A massive 24x12m billboard;
Illumination for optimal visibility in the dark;
Excellent print quality of the layout.

Everything is done specifically to ensure that this advertisement is seen on the way to the airport. For broader information dissemination, coverage of the arrival audience, and reinforcing the previously seen non-standard billboard advertising, backlight placements were used. Two large advertising displays, each sized 20x5m, provide a good opportunity to make a statement. And what if you missed the information on the way to the airport or just arrived in Ukraine?

The main goals achieved by such a mega-format advertising campaign:

  • You will be noticed and remembered;
  • You enhance your position among competitors due to the scale.

With the opening of a new KLO gas station near the airport, another important goal was added — to make a statement in a new location!
Upon return from a trip or while bidding farewell to loved ones, there's a strong desire for warmth, comfort, and a power boost. Therefore, such advertising at the airport is exactly what is needed for business people, noisy families, the young, and the more mature. After all, the love for travel knows no bounds. Just like the love for coffee.

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