"They judge by appearances..."—and not only people. What does each of us pay attention to first before entering a store or any other shopping mall? Of course, the sign and the facade of the building as a whole. A bright, modern image immediately catches the eye and lures you in.

Aiming for perfection and in support of modern trends, LLC "FOODCOM" decides on a visual style change and begins the reconstruction of the facade and updating the sign for the "Velmart" supermarket. Another interesting production project added to the portfolio of the "Megapolis" holding, implemented in July 2020 in Rivne, Western Ukraine.

Our specialists performed:

  • Replacement of the old sign — a new sign was made and installed in a new format, in the form of voluminous letters with a metal frame.
  • Reconstruction of the facade and marquee — cladding with a 4mm composite in corporate color was applied.

Not every advertising agency can boast of its own production. Its presence allows controlling the quality of work at all stages. For the "Velmart" supermarket, rooftop installation on the "Equator" shopping center, and the decoration of the facade with new aluminum composite panels, indeed, help achieve several important marketing goals:

  • It's an excellent opportunity to delight regular customers with a refreshed style.
  • It's a unique chance to effectively present the store to new clients.
  • Supporting fashion trends in the retail business indicates a deliberate desire to always be relevant to the consumer.

The completed set of works contributes to mass attention. Voluminous letters allow the store name to be seen from a considerable distance, and the updated design and bright LED lighting attract the attention of both pedestrians and passing drivers.

For many years, the "Megapolis" holding has been offering its services for the development, production, and installation of advertising media in various formats. With each passing year, we expand our horizons and cover more cities. Quality and effective advertising production is our main goal. And a satisfied customer is the best indicator of this. See for yourself! For advertising, it's "Megapolis"!

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