What do the Borispol Airport, the Jaguar car, and the Megapolis holding have in common? Besides popularity, they share a common cause — an advertising campaign.

After the successful advertising event in 2016-2017, the Jaguar brand continues its collaboration with Megapolis and once again boldly enters the vibrant life of one of Ukraine's largest airports. This time, the brand is presented with the compact crossover "Jaguar E-PACE."

The initial experience of placing a car in Borispol Airport proved to be very successful for our client, the globally renowned Jaguar brand. Through showcasing the car, we not only grabbed attention and engaged potential consumers but also created a spectacular image installation. The coverage for the previous campaign was approximately 300,000 people per month. The revival of the project with a new model became a pleasant and motivating challenge for everyone involved in implementing this unconventional airport advertising.

Given the positive results of the previous campaign and the increased traffic at the airport, the decision was made to reinstall the car in the registration area of Terminal D. With the entrance doors removed, the Jaguar E-PACE comfortably settled on its familiar podium, delighting premium car enthusiasts and other visitors throughout the campaign.

To achieve a quality result and enhance the impact of the airport advertising, we utilized:

  • Car exhibition
  • Placement of a small-sized banner specifying the car model
  • Advertising on video monitors near the stand with a thematic video about the model

The compatibility of such marketing solutions undoubtedly allows any advertising campaign to achieve the maximum effectiveness of promotion. To witness this, simply place your advertisement in Borispol Airport with the Megapolis holding!

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