The opening of the new "Silpo" store is announced by cats... and a tram. Yes, you read it correctly. Only the cats are not real, but the tram is as real as it gets.

Since 2002, the doors of "Silpo" supermarkets have been open every day to serve numerous visitors, offering interesting deals, a vast selection, quality products, high-level service, and affordable prices. Thanks to well-thought-out work processes, "Silpo" continuously expands and is one of the largest retail chains in Ukraine.

To inform all residents and guests of Kyiv about the new store at 32b Hlybochytska Street, the "Megapolis" holding team, and the media agency Wavemaker, created and implemented an outdoor tram branding project for a period of 3 months, from early August to October. This marketing promotion aimed to reach potential customers massively through the non-standard presentation of advertising material.

According to preliminary estimates, during the three months of the campaign, 43% of the adult population will see the tram advertisement, with an expected 9.9 million visual contacts. These indicators indicate:

  • The correct choice of routes for this tram, covering a significant stretch of the city and passing through streets and squares with a constant flow of traffic, passengers, and pedestrians.
  • The branded tram circulates near other "Silpo" stores, providing an excellent opportunity to inform and attract active and regular visitors to the new retail location.

Whether stuck in traffic in your car, passing by in other public transport, or waiting at a stop, you will surely notice these attractive cats and read their messages. Involuntary visual engagement contributes to easy perception, memorization of information from the advertiser, and increased loyalty to the "Silpo" retail chain. Our company's experts are always ready to consider your proposals, suggest the most effective solutions for implementing your advertising campaign, and execute all branding tasks on public transport within the shortest possible timeframe.

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