Urban areas never cease to amaze with the diversity of their architecture, ranging from massive structures to the most diminutive. Our metropolis is no exception, and you'd be hard-pressed to guess where we managed to fit an entire building. Although, considering its size, it's merely a scaled-down replica of a real structure, it's safe to say you've never seen such a realistically detailed model on a billboard.

This innovative presentation was brought to you by the Kharkiv-based property developer Avantazh, in collaboration with our team, showcasing their premium residential complex, Yard. To capture the authentic look of the building, we crafted a special light extender resembling the residential complex. The advertising structure becomes particularly striking during dusk when lights appear in the windows and lanterns next to the building are illuminated. It's as if the display is reminding every road user of their cozy home. Thanks to this unique approach, we succeeded in creating a warm yet effective marketing display, making our out-of-home advertising stop people in their tracks and leave a lasting impression.

It's worth noting that this is not the first unconventional project the Megapolis team has executed for Avantazh. Alongside static advertising on billboards in Kharkiv, video displays on media screens, and standard placements in the Kharkiv International Airport, visitors to the airport had the opportunity to see an exhibit featuring a model of the residential complex with a lounge area.

Details of the advertising campaign:

  • Location: Kharkiv, Klochkivska Street, 117
  • Type of Structure: Light extender on a standard 6x3 meter billboard
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