An interesting and unconventional project was executed by the Megapolis holding for "L'Oreal Paris" in collaboration with the advertising agency "Zenith." Two locations with significant coverage metrics and two different formats of a single carrier with additional designer elements were involved in this project. The goal was to present the brand's products in the most presentable, high-quality, and vibrant manner, and this task was handled excellently!

As part of the project implementation for "L'Oreal Paris," Megapolis professionals proposed the placement on brandmauers using light extenders. Advertising plots were positioned on several large-format carriers in Kyiv. The highlight of the campaign was the placement on three brandmauers in the heart of the capital on Velyka Vasylkivska Street. An animated, luminous extender emphasized the product's advantages, and distributing the storyline across three carriers significantly enhanced the advertising impact on consumers.

Equally impressive was the placement of "L'Oreal Paris" advertising material on a massive vertical brandmauer on Antonovycha Street. The branded facade became a truly stylish decoration for the building, attracting a lot of attention to the advertising product. Light extenders helped enhance the viewing effect of the bright layout, adding dynamics to the plot and presenting this form of out-of-home advertising more trendily.

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Details of the advertising campaign:

  • Location: Facade on Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 9/2 (a complex of 3),
  • Total facade area: 791 sq.m,
  • Placement period: November-December 2019,
  • OTS: 186,000/day.
  • Location: Facade on Antonovycha Street, 51,
  • Carrier size: 9.7x35 = 339.5 sq.m,
  • Placement period: December 2019 - January 2020,
  • OTS: 88,000/day.
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