From the name itself, it becomes clear that a rooftop installation is a structure that is installed on the roof of a building. To display this type of advertising message, companies order the production of their logo, name, or both. Additionally, they complement it with original additional elements that act as effective attractors to grab attention. The height of such advertising structures can range from 1 to 5 meters, and the length is determined individually for each order.

Typically, these structures are placed on the roof of the building where the company or brand is located. Due to their placement, this outdoor advertising plays the role of a kind of beacon. It informs about the location of the company at a considerable distance and contributes to strengthening its image positions. After all, not every advertiser has the opportunity to place such large-scale advertisements.

Both the advantage and complexity in installing rooftop structures can be the height of the building. Several important factors should be considered: the weight of the object being placed; the condition of the installation site; the quality of the material against the influence of various weather phenomena; the stability of the structure to air flow. With sufficient experience, our team takes into account all the difficulties that may arise during production and installation. We will help you develop, design, manufacture, and install your structure.

Freedom Finance Ukraine
  • Location: Kyiv, Moskovska Street, 32/2, Senator Business Center.
  • Building Height: 85 m
  • Structure Size: 18.8 m * 4.9 m
  • The structure consists of: voluminous letters with internal LED lighting (12.85 m * 3.7 m) and a shield (4.3 m * 4.9 m).
  • Material: Black&White acrylic. In the off state, it is black, and with backlighting, it is white. This allows the logo to be visible both during the day and at night.
Diamond City
  • Location: Kharkiv, near the "Botanical Garden" metro station.
  • Building Height: 55 m
  • Structure Size: 20 m * 3.6 m
  • The structure consists of: white voluminous letters. RGB DMX LED lights are used for illumination.
  • Material: acrylic, PVC, self-adhesive film, profile metal tube, LED modules 2835.
Taryan Towers
  • Location: 12 Ioanna Pavla II Street.
  • Building Height: 140 m
  • Structure Size: 7150 * 6900 mm
  • The structure consists of: a voluminous Taryan Group logo mounted on the glass facade of the building at a height of 120 m.
  • Material: aluminum frame, aluminum sheet casing, DMX backlight with LED pixels.
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