Among the numerous projects of our holding, there are those that are especially pleasant to recall. Quoting the words of our managers: "... they are implemented in one breath...". A vivid example of such a project was the advertising campaign for "Zhlobud-1" in Kharkiv. We had the task of placing the company's logo on the central square of Kharkiv. It was necessary to develop a layout, perform manufacturing and placement works in the shortest possible time. We coped with it! The visualization provided to the client immediately received approval, and we started implementing the project. Soon, two sets of volumetric letters with the client's logo were ready to take their positions.

In the development of the layout, our employees took into account all the details that influence attracting attention and supporting the company's image. The dimensions allow the name to be seen from a considerable distance. And thanks to the high-quality illumination of letters and logos, the information is perfectly visible at different times of the day and in any weather. In addition, with the help of the installed time relay, the lighting on and off time can be adjusted depending on the season. The creative team of employees and our own outdoor advertising production allows us to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently! We are always happy to welcome new clients! Waiting for you!

Project details:

  • Size: width at the logo - 1.645 m; height - 11 m; depth - 150 mm
  • Illumination: white LED clusters.
  • Mounting: through the back of the letter to the building facade.
  • "Face": 3.0 mm milk acrylic. Letters: covered with Oracal series 8500 film. Logo: direct UV printing.
  • Board: 4.0 mm PVC, covered with Oracal series 641 film.
  • Back: composite material 3.0 mm.
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