Hot days... Dreams of freshness and coolness... An advertisement at the bus stop catches your eye. You still don't know what that new mysterious Fanta flavor is, but the realistic reproduction of the bright can of the drink creates an irresistible desire to try it... The consumer's actions in the described situation are an example of effective advertising. Our team set a goal: to create and implement such outdoor advertising for Coca-Cola Ukraine. The production department had to replicate the creative in a way that would prompt the potential consumer to take a specific action. Thus, at five public transport stops in Kyiv, an unconventional RGB-illuminated structure appeared. The bus stop structure itself was branded in line with the style of the advertising campaign and became a bright addition to the main element.

About the unconventional carrier:

  • Carrier type: citylight;
  • Carrier size: 1.8 * 1.2 m;
  • Lighting type: RGB.

The unconventional structure is presented in the form of a citylight, inside of which there is an element depicting a Fanta can. The process of creating such a structure is quite interesting and worthy of attention for lovers of unusual installations. The inner content is removed from the citylight, and after its production, two acrylics with engraving in the area under the can and the slogan are placed inside the structure. This area is illuminated by end RGB lighting. Stickers are not glued to the glass but to the engraving on transparent acrylic.

RGB lighting is programmable color lighting. RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, meaning Red-Green-Blue. LED strips of this type contain three types of LED elements. A certain combination allows creating any color combination.

Two-sided unconventional advertising at the bus stop has a good viewing angle for all road users and pedestrians. The carrier looks especially impressive after dark. Thanks to high-quality dynamic lighting and professionally executed work by our craftsmen, advertising on the citylight attracts and holds attention. The inscription on the citylight "Try to Decode" intrigues. The call on the branded bus stop, "Try and Find Out," logically completes customer interest. It's hard to pass by without noticing What the Fanta 2.0.

Addresses of branded stops with RGB lighting:

  • Basseina Street, 10/at the intersection with Shota Rustaveli Street;
  • Volodymyrskyi descent, 3/on the funicular side;
  • Khreshchatyk Street, 32/at the intersection with Prorizna Street;
  • Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street, 34/1/between Arsenalna Square and Mariinsky Park;
  • Taras Shevchenko Boulevard/between Volodymyrska Street and Tereshchenska Street.
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