Speed... How much important it is in the modern world. In a project for the client "Sigma Software," the Megapolis holding team was tasked with placing an unconventional advertising structure and showcasing a means of transportation in a location where the advertisement would have the same maximum speed of impact on the surrounding people as the main object of the project – the motorcycle.

To quickly achieve an effective result in attracting attention and promoting the IT industry among not only the residents of our country but also abroad, it was decided to place the advertisement at Kharkiv Airport. As practically every advertiser knows, this type of promotion helps qualitatively present material and increase brand awareness.

The average annual passenger traffic at Kharkiv Airport is over 1 million people. Thanks to such intensive traffic, we were able to achieve coverage of 660 thousand people during the placement period from October 2019 to March 2020. This marketing move worked excellently! We managed not only to inform Kharkiv residents about the achievements of their fellow countrymen and introduce them to the fastest motorcycle on the planet but also proudly showcase to every foreigner visiting Ukraine the professional projects our local companies create and implement.

"Sigma Software" is a well-known software development company with a client base worldwide – from Australia to the west coast of the USA. For over 18 years, the company has been developing solutions of any complexity in the fields of telecommunications, advertising, aviation, automotive industry, games, finance, and more. With its support, the Kharkiv team "Iron Custom Motorcycles" constructed a racing motorcycle that set a world record in its class, reaching 99.764 miles per hour at the Bonneville Speed Week. The engineers used the 1953 model IZH-49 as a basis, and two years of improvement work brought such a long-awaited success (more about the motorcycle on the Sigma Software website). Of course, every visitor to Kharkiv Airport was not only interested in touching and taking a photo against this unique means of transportation but also wanted to learn more about it.

The goal was achieved – we were able to inform a huge number of people. Once again, our employees, during the implementation of another advertising event, demonstrated a professional approach to solving the assigned task and proved the quality of their work. Working for results!

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