Above the clouds, closer to the stars... No height scares the employees of our holding, especially when working on an exciting project. Recently, for the extraordinary "Diamond City" in Kharkiv, the company "Megapolis" implemented several advertising and production services:

  • Design, manufacture, and installation of two rooftop structures and a logo at the entrance to the business center.
  • Production and installation of architectural lighting in the form of animation on the building's facade.

"Diamond City" is an entirely new 13-story building in the center of Kharkiv, near the Botanical Garden metro station. It represents the best IT park – a specialized complex for the work of real "diamonds" of the IT industry.

To fully realize the project's task and obtain an excellent campaign result, the rooftop advertising had to combine the execution of such important functions:

  • Become an ideal design addition to the facade of the Class A office property in Kharkiv.
  • Serve as a crucial element of marketing promotion.

The production department team did an excellent job, and the work is executed exceptionally. The rooftop installations, measuring 20*3.6 m, provide an idea of the building's location and the distance to it. In creating them, we used white volumetric letters without unnecessary distracting color elements. This simplicity allows for easy reading of the name, regardless of the distance from the object.

For the building's illumination, 1100 m of RGB DMX LED fixtures were used. During the dark hours, the dynamic facade stands out brightly against the surrounding buildings. The unconventional illumination beautifully decorates the business center and fully corresponds to its architectural style and premium image. The manufacturing equipment of the "Megapolis" holding allows us to display animations of any complexity on the building's facade. Creating beauty is quite simple when you entrust this task to real masters.

When receiving such an order for advertising production from our clients, we first take into account several factors, including the location of the shopping center on the map, nearby facilities, how convenient and accessible the advertisement on the facade will be from different viewpoints, and, of course, the client's wishes. Only then do we start implementing the project.

Our structures, developed with modern technologies, are ready to face any weather surprises. Moreover, their appearance fully complies with the latest design trends in outdoor advertising. We boldly declare that we know how to raise not only the height of the building but also the image level of your company. Connect with "Megapolis," and rise high!

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