Sun, heat, sea, beach, and advertising... It seems like a challenge, right? How can all of this be combined into one advertising campaign so that the informational material is always visible and not tiresome? The non-standard advertising team at the "Megapolis" holding has a clear, effective, and reliable plan to capture the attention of every beachgoer! And the solution to this task lies in ordinary changing cabins.

Cabins are unique areas on the beach used by practically all vacationers. And even if you don't plan to change clothes, you'll still notice the bright, truly summer design of the cabins just walking by. We are not afraid to place advertising on the beach under the scorching sun, wind, and heavy rain. The material used for branding beach cabins has excellent durability, allowing you to enjoy vibrant colors for a long time. Choose this creative form of marketing if you want to:

  • Promote seasonal products.
  • Attract customers to a beachfront restaurant, bar, or hotel.
  • Inform a broad audience about a new product.
  • Draw attention to a promotion or summer special offer.
  • Announce an upcoming event.

The variety of products and services that can be advertised in such a non-standard format as branding beach cabins is remarkable. And believe it or not, no brand that has tried this unconventional advertising on their product or service has been deterred by seasonal placement—achieving excellent results in all aspects of the advertising campaign.

Branding of Beach Cabins for Vorwarts Pharma

For the months of July and August, we created and implemented a project for the large pharmaceutical company Vorwarts Pharma, whose main goal is to create and move forward!

For 15 years, professionals at Vorwarts Pharma have taken care of consumers and offered products with a high reputation. Especially relevant for the summer season are Betargin, Latsidoenter, and Gialera. These products help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of hangovers (Betargin), diarrhea (Latsidoenter), and heartburn (Gialera), allowing you to fully enjoy your long-awaited vacation without unpleasant surprises.

Since Vorwarts Pharma values creativity in generating ideas and high speed of decision-making, the professionals of our holding proposed a solution for advertising on beach booths, because it is:

  • one of the most effective tools, given the lack of other advertising media on the beaches;
  • This placement ensures the frequency of contact and the duration of 3-4 hours;
  • it is possible to place several stories on one medium (on different sides of the booth);
  • unobtrusiveness of the information material and quick visual perception;
  • social function of this medium.

Branded single cabins featuring Vorwarts Pharma products were seen by beachgoers at the best beaches in Odessa. For the placement of advertising material, 11 carriers were used. Beach attendance ranges from 2500 to 5000 people per day! Thanks to the placed advertising on beach cabins with products relevant during vacations, a significant number of beach visitors got acquainted with the pharmaceutical brand.

According to statistics, with each new season, there is an increasing demand to place advertising on cabins on the beach. This means that the advertising medium is effective and gaining popularity. The implemented campaign yields positive results: the brand's popularity among the affluent local population and many vacationers from other cities is growing.

Such unusual, non-standard projects are always a challenge for our team. Thanks to the design department and our own production, we implement client wishes and realize creative projects quickly and qualitatively. We are constantly experimenting with new technologies, looking for new effective placements. Quality reports on the implemented campaign are one of the important stages of working with each of our clients.

As the fading summer leaves us a bit of warmth, we can still enjoy the beaches of Ukraine, delight in the sun, sea, and the unconventional advertising ideas from the "Megapolis" holding.

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