During a crisis, every brand that truly values its customers seeks to support them in every possible way. Various attractive offers are created for this purpose, allowing not only to demonstrate maximum loyalty to existing consumers but also to increase the level of trust with a new audience.

This was the idea behind the advertising campaign for the well-known brand "MAZ," which has gained recognition not only in Belarus but far beyond its borders.

In collaboration with financial organizations in Ukraine, MAZ has launched a unique PREFERENTIAL LEASING PROGRAM for the most popular construction dump trucks. The program is designed for a period of up to 3 years, with an advance payment of at least 20%, and payments are made in hryvnia without being tied to exchange rates. To convey this information most effectively and capture the interest of consumers, the advertising team at the "Megapolis" holding carefully selected the location for displaying the advertising information and the appearance of the carrier.

The chosen location was in Kyiv near the exit from the Southern Bridge to the right bank, where there is a constant active flow of passengers in various vehicles amounting to 179,000 per day. Thanks to the uniqueness of the location, the branded facade with a total area of 504 sq.m. is clearly visible from both sides of the road. During the morning and evening hours, when traffic jams often occur here, this moment brings a mega-effective result. The use of this marketing move not only significantly expands the coverage of the potential customer audience but also helps to increase the duration of each advertising contact.

It took us just a week to fully implement the advertising project for the "MAZ" brand. We started with creating the layout and finished with installing the advertising structure. The quality and speed of completing the tasks undertaken by our company demonstrate the professionalism and enthusiasm of every employee at the "Megapolis" holding. With us, it's always fast, convenient, and reliable!

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