New Year, Christmas... How children love these holidays! They believe in miracles like no one else, eagerly anticipating gifts and surprises. For adults, it's another opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of children and become real magicians for their kids. The "Megapolis" holding had the opportunity to be part of this magic by implementing a project for the LEGO brand in Kyiv. Since 1932, LEGO products have been bringing joy and smiles to children of all ages. Despite the company's popularity, it is always relevant to maintain its image and promote its products. Thus, LEGO, following these marketing principles, conducted a new advertising campaign - "LEGO Unforgettable Gift" with the help of "Megapolis."

Various types of non-standard advertising and locations were used for the creative presentation of the campaign:

  • Branded zones in the largest shopping malls in Kyiv;
  • Advertising on media facades in the most vibrant parts of the city;
  • Infostands of the Kyiv metro.

This placement allowed maximizing the coverage of the most diverse audience in different locations of the city. During the campaign, our advertising carriers not only displayed material but presented content with a call to action. For example, during branding, a massive installation was created against the backdrop of Christmas decorations and toy stores in the shopping mall. A huge LEGO gift, almost human-sized, adorned with a branded ribbon. Adults and children were fascinated by the unusually presented advertising. It wasn't just something to see; it was something to touch and take photos with.

In anticipation of their train, every visitor to the Kyiv metro could see a bright story with real photos on "Megapolis" infostands, encouraging them to "share moments." Displaying photos on infostands was one of the mandatory conditions for activating the "LEGO Unforgettable Gift," presented on the company's website. And our carriers excellently contributed to its implementation.

By placing ads on LED screens, we informed a significant number of consumers about LEGO promotions. The bright advertising message attracted attention due to the massive carrier and image quality. We aimed to surprise, and the expected result brought positive indicators, all thanks to the skillful use of modern OOH advertising opportunities. After all, they are limitless and allow creating campaigns with interesting and engaging interactivity. We don't just show our clients advertisements—we make them a part of this advertising. Use this for promotion! Increase your brand's rating, popularity, and demand!

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