In March, the "Megapolis" holding implemented an advertising campaign for the leading home textile manufacturer in Turkey, "English Home." We sought a solution that would guarantee maximum effectiveness. To promote the International Women's Day promotions, attract attention, and introduce potential customers to "English Home," several advertising placements were utilized:

  • Radio advertising: "English Home" was heard by listeners on Radio Relax, NRJ, Lux FM, and HIT FM.
  • Placement on LED screens in Kyiv and Kharkiv: The LED screen in Kyiv on Velyka Vasylkivska Street has an OTS of 50,000/day, and the LED screen in Kharkiv on Shevchenko Street - Heroiv Pratsi Street has an OTS of 21,000/day.
  • Branding of 11 public transport stops in Kyiv.

Each of these channels proved effective. Radio advertising transcends physical boundaries, providing a dynamic medium for drivers and passengers. Advertising on large outdoor screens captivates with its scale and dynamic visuals. The imagery displayed on bus stop structures, showcasing a cozy home interior, immediately grabs attention and is conducive to capturing interesting photos for social media. Most of these branded bus stops are located near shopping malls with "English Home" stores, significantly enhancing the advertising impact and prompting action.

In today's competitive market, winning consumer favor is challenging. The abundance of options complicates the task of capturing attention. Consumer choices are heavily influenced by the perception of advertising material. Hence, advertisers are constantly seeking unique solutions that can attract the maximum interested audience. The comprehensive advertising placement for our client, "English Home," exemplifies such a solution. The implementation is based on the efficiency of three contact points with potential consumers: hearing the radio ad, seeing it on outdoor LED screens, and being intrigued by the bus stop visuals near the brand's stores.

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