What's an essential part of any road trip? If you were to survey, most people would confirm that a road trip is unimaginable without a stop at a gas station. While previously it was a key necessity because a car won't run without refueling, now it's also an opportunity to purchase everything needed for the journey, enjoy the finest coffee, and savor various snacks.

For such a gas station, our client, the WOG Gas Station Network, implemented the following project. For its execution, our creative department proposed a non-standard idea—a thematic interactive branded photo zone for all enthusiasts of active leisure. After obtaining client approval, we immediately started working on its implementation. It took us only 10 days to complete all the production processes, and the finished branded installation was presented at the WOG Gas Station in Stoyanka village, Kyiv region. The photo zone depicts a picturesque mountain landscape, with skis and a snowboard placed alongside with the corresponding inscription "Skis or Board" and the project slogan "Traveling with WOGON' ."

"In a car, people cover tens, hundreds, and thousands of kilometers. Everyone goes to their destination. Stopping at the gas station to refuel, drink the finest coffee, eat a snack, and just rest. Then, it's back on the road from a new starting point, symbolized by our interactive photo zone. For some, it will become a new starting point for a vacation, for others—for journeys, experiences... Everyone will find something of their own in it," says Gennadiy Karlinsky, Marketing Director of the WOG Gas Station Network, about the purpose of installing the branded installation.

By posting their photos against this construction on social media, every gas station visitor can tell their friends about their travels. Simultaneously, they can interactively introduce their favorite type of winter outdoor activity. For the WOG Gas Station Network, this is an opportunity for effective brand promotion on the internet, increasing brand recognition and loyalty among consumers. In particular, our client used the photo zone to conduct a contest on their social media pages. Customers were invited to take a photo at the festive photo zone, post it in a post or story on Instagram, and have a chance to win bonuses for a winter trip. Isn't that cool?!

The WOG Gas Station Network is known for the quality it guarantees to every consumer. The quality of fuel, accompanying goods, and services are the key to the brand's success and ensure a steady flow of customers for many years. Traveling with WOG is WOGOН! And our realized creative advertising allows every traveler to feel it.

Details of the advertising campaign:

✔Location: Kyiv-Chop highway, Stoyanka village, Kyiv region.
✔ Size of the photo zone: 7100*4200

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