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In the fall of last year, the Megapolis holding accomplished an essential mission in an intriguing social project for the "Novyi Kanal" (New Channel). Through the branding of a metro station, we helped attractive participants of "Super Top Model Ukraine" inform Kyiv residents and visitors about vital global issues. Once again, we proved that a model is not just a stylish and fashionable image. It's a person who can empathize, sees the acute problems of our world, and actively participates in solving them. The creative presentation of informational material transformed the metro station into a genuine art space. The strong message and striking photos of the participants against a thematic background couldn't go unnoticed. The branded columns on the platform often gathered interested metro visitors around them.

The posters are filled with profound content. Each has its own stories that "Novyi Kanal" united into one excellent social project under the common slogan "Beauty Will Save the World." War, ecology, animal rescue, acute personal problems... These are all our life themes that need to be openly discussed. That's exactly what the girls of the "Super Top Model Ukraine" project did. The metro station is one of the best placement options, serving as a non-traditional communication channel for the TV show in this case. It allows attracting the attention of a large passenger flow and conveying the main message to the audience. Use creativity and unconventional formats for any advertising manifestation! "Megapolis" will help bring your ideas to life and select the most effective placement format!

Implementation of the advertising campaign:

  • Address: Lukianivska metro station, Kyiv
  • Placement period: October 3-30, 2020
  • Service type: Metro station branding
  • OTS: 81,000/day.
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