In 2021, "Megapolis" surged forward, taking a high start in implementing interesting unconventional solutions. One of these projects was an advertising campaign for "Cooker." As of today, "Cooker" is an online supermarket with delivery within 30 minutes in Kyiv. The company operates 12 of its "dark stores" and has its eco-friendly delivery service. Moreover, the project is founded by the most powerful national meat processing business, No. 1 in Ukraine – SMK Group, which includes 4 large meat processing plants. Therefore, when embarking on the implementation of the advertising campaign, we clearly understood our goal: to get maximum attention, interest, and bring new customers to our client.

For the outdoor advertising placement for "Cooker," a location with a mega-format carrier on the Southern Bridge was utilized. Thanks to its excellent visibility from both sides of the traffic and frequent traffic jams, this location has excellent coverage indicators. It seemed like this should be sufficient for the campaign's effectiveness. However, every advertiser and marketer understands that to achieve a real wow-effect, unconventional presentation of advertising material is needed. That's why our team worked on developing a project to enhance the classic placement.

In addition to a bright layout with informational messages, three five-meter inflatable figures were used, specially made for this object. It wasn't without difficulties, considering the location of the advertising carrier. Quality functioning became possible thanks to reinforced seams, the use of a more robust material, special fasteners, and electrical equipment.

The result is worth it—advertisement on the banner, accompanied by an original air dance, causes unusual interest and smiles from everyone who saw this extraordinary show. This decision seems to say, "We are always on the move! Responding promptly to your requests! Delivering quickly!" Indeed, "Cooker" only needs 30 minutes for order delivery, which is an excellent indicator for Kyiv.

Such projects using unconventional advertising allow our clients to get the most positive feedback from the audience. They help build trust in potential consumers and create a desire to take advantage of the offer they've seen. You can see it for yourself in your own advertising. We are already looking forward to seeing you!

Implementation of the Advertising Campaign:
  • Address: Southern Bridge, Budindustriyi Street, 21
  • Advertising carrier size: 42*12 m
  • Advertising carrier area: 504 sq.m
  • OTS (Opportunity to See): over 170,000 people/day
  • Visibility: distance — 250 m, angle — 90 degrees
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