"Beauty requires sacrifices..."? Not at all! Beauty requires attention and care. In this regard, professional cosmetics come to our aid, the quality of which has been tested by years and residents of many countries. Collistar, the cosmetic brand, is a well-known Italian trade mark that dynamically develops and conquers with its effectiveness in 40 countries worldwide, including Ukraine. The unique and effective product lines for face and body care have become an excellent solution for solving problems and supporting the beauty and health of both women and men.

How to attract attention and convey the purpose of an advertising campaign as efficiently and quickly as possible to active and busy people in the intensive pace of life?

How not to get lost in the information flow and be the first among competitors?

These were the main questions regarding the advertising campaign for Collistar that the employees of the "Megapolis" holding faced.

To implement the advertising campaign for Collistar, the best central locations and outdoor advertising structures in the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv were used. Placing in these locations, due to excellent visibility and major traffic intersections, allows reaching a wide audience, including passing drivers, passengers, and ordinary pedestrians. The coverage of vehicles in the placement locations in Kyiv reaches 160 thousand, in Kharkiv - 33 thousand. The following advertising tools were engaged to present the advertising plot:

  • 6 backlights (8*4) in Kyiv;
  • 6 LED panels in the center of Kyiv;
  • 6 LED screens in the center of Kharkiv.

Agree, you are unlikely to watch a TV commercial, but an advertisement on large screens during rush hour - that's what grabs your attention.

Therefore, placing on LED panels and screens is an excellent opportunity for the brand to be seen. Thanks to the coordinated work of the "Megapolis" holding team, we managed to accomplish all the assigned tasks, find optimal solutions in line with the client, and achieve the expected result. The implemented advertising campaign conveys the full scale of the Collistar brand, and the well-created and thought-out plot not only contributes to attracting the attention of potential buyers but also clearly indicates the main advantages of the presented product and the locations where it can be officially purchased. Each of the placement locations contributes to a large coverage of potential customers.

Stay ahead with the advertising holding "Megapolis"!

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