New Year is approaching! We can already hear the long-awaited chimes. Consumers are yearning for excitement and are ready to actively engage in any advertising activities. Quality promotions can convey the holiday atmosphere, fill people with a sense of delight, and return with increased trust and sales growth. The advertising holding "Megapolis" knows how to implement projects that not only elicit a wow effect from consumers but also serve as an excellent advertising move to attract a new audience. One such example is a project implemented in collaboration with the advertising agency "Publicis" in March 2011. In the Kyiv metro, on the platform between the escalators of the "Universytet" station, the walls were creatively branded for the "Nescafe" brand. A vibrant advertising story was complemented by 32,000 magnets with various wishes—something no one had done before!

This non-standard metro advertising of this format caused a real sensation among all visitors. The station opened at 5:45 am, and by 8:45 am, all magnets available at the reachable height were taken. But that didn't stop passengers: they actively jumped, asked to be lifted or used improvised means to reach the coveted square from "Nescafe". And, of course, everyone was eager to see what picture was hidden underneath those magnets on the walls. Within a day, not a single magnet was left on the wall. Probably, one interesting question arises in almost everyone: how can magnets stick to the wall? Well, it's not made of iron. The answer is as follows: first, a special sheet—ferro sheet (magnetizable iron)—is mounted on the wall. Then, an Oracle with the client's advertising story is glued to it. Magnets are then attached to the area covered with ferro sheet.

The main goals of the advertising campaign were:

  • increasing the popularity of the "Nescafe" brand among the population;
  • maintaining the brand image of "Nescafe" among competitor companies on the market.

Every step to get a magnet was carefully calculated by advertisers and had a certain embedded meaning to attract attention to the "Nescafe" brand:

  • the gaming moment present in the desire to get a magnet allowed the consumer to remember this situation for a long time, and, accordingly, the advertised product;
  • such a small gift in the form of a magnet plays an important role in building consumer trust and evokes warm feelings towards the "Nescafe" brand;
  • the magnet placed on the refrigerator door constantly reminds of the delicious "Nescafe" coffee.

We need more bright projects and creative solutions, especially on the eve of holidays. Every brand or company can give the gift of warmth to its consumer. Come with your ideas to our "Megapolis" holding, and together we will find a solution that will help build the right relationship with your audience.

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