Despite the challenging situation in Ukraine, the Megapolis team adheres to a clearly defined direction: the development of the national economy and support on its path to victory. Recently, we opened a branch in Poland to provide high-quality advertising services for Ukrainian businesses on the territory of the neighboring country. Our first advertising campaign was implemented for the top express delivery operator, "Nova Poshta," a company well-known in Ukraine that is actively expanding its business abroad.
"Send care homeward," our advertising carriers proclaim, used for the "Nova Poshta" advertising project. Indeed, maintaining connections with family is crucial for many Ukrainians, especially in times of war. "Nova Poshta" helps preserve this connection, facilitating the exchange of postal shipments with loved ones. We are working to ensure that every Ukrainian in Poland knows about it. For "Nova Poshta," we developed a project that includes:


The advertising carriers used for the project are highly effective and have great potential for attracting audience attention. Billboards and sitelights are strategically placed in the most attractive and high-traffic locations, guaranteeing maximum visibility. Their placement also indicates the presence of a nearby post office. Bus back branding captures the attention of passengers and other road users. The use of the Ukrainian language in the advertising designs ensures reaching the desired audience of Ukrainians.
This advertising campaign is just the beginning of our collaboration with "Nova Poshta" in Poland. We are actively working to strengthen the program and expand coverage to new cities where post offices are already open or planned in the near future. With faith in Ukraine, we move forward!

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