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What, if not acquired experience, plays one of the key roles in determining the level of professionalism? Regardless of one's occupation, whether it's a repair master or an advertising sales manager, based on experience, it's much easier to make the right decision and implement a task with quality. And no tool will do the job for you if you don't possess certain skills. Thanks to its decade-long experience, the APRO brand is convinced of the following:

  • Expertise turns a tool into a professional, not the tool itself;
  • Experience is not for sale with the tool;
  • Choosing the most expensive tool is not necessary; it's better to rely on your own experience.

These beliefs became the foundation of the first APRO campaign, implemented in Kharkiv. For comprehensive and extensive audience coverage, two advertising directions were engaged:

  • UN advertising. This includes placements on billboards and prisms, broadcasting narratives on LED screens.
  • Metro advertising. The campaign involved placing ads on backlights and track walls.

The combination of these advertising formats allowed for active interaction with the audience in different city locations. A layout with interesting photos and compelling calls to action ensured that no visual contact was missed.
Details of the advertising campaign:

  • Campaign Duration: August-October 2021;
  • Number of UN Advertising Mediums: Billboards/Prisms 6*3 – 26 units; LED screens – 4 units.
  • Number of Metro Advertising Mediums: Backlights – 2 units; Track walls – 5 units.
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