From now on, Megapolis is also in Poland

We did it! We are happy to announce the opening of a branch in Poland - Megapolis Prime Poland! Recalling all 20 years of our activity, we can confidently say that Megapolis Advertising Holding has never, under any circumstances, stopped! We are proud of our achievements in the advertising sphere in Ukraine, and today, entering the foreign market is an extremely important step for us to overcome another peak. In the light of current events, we understand that Ukraine is in dire need of assistance in increasing its economic potential and strengthening its international image. One of the main goals of our activity is the development of Ukrainian business and improvement of its level in the international dimension. And that is why we sincerely believe that opening a branch in Poland will help Ukrainian companies to reach a new level, and this, in turn, will allow all our compatriots who are in the territory of our friendly neighboring state to feel the closeness of their native Ukraine.

"We are from Ukraine! We speak our client's language, understand the specifics of Ukrainian business, and have expertise in all media. Many companies are currently entering the Polish market. We follow our clients, because we understand how many Ukrainian audiences are in Poland, and that our high-quality services will help brands solve their business promotion issues. Cooperation with us is a simple and clear chain of partnership. We have already started working on the Polish market and are well aware of all the difficulties that Ukrainian companies can face. Therefore, the specificity of our team's work is based not only on the effective implementation of an advertising campaign, but also on providing the necessary assistance in solving many related issues related to legal aspects, financial payments, and the language barrier. That is, we save the time and budget of our clients by the fact that we are a large team that works comprehensively and provides turnkey services
  • representative of the Megapolis company in Poland Yevgenia Horobey

As of March 28, 2023, 1.58 million Ukrainian citizens have found refuge in Poland since the beginning of the war. Thoroughly studying our audience and evaluating the activities of Ukrainian businesses in Poland, we clearly understood the need for quality advertising services focused on the Ukrainian market. We believe that Ukraine has something to offer the world, and our goal is to show it to the world community through advertising.

Megapolis offers the following range of services that it will provide in Poland:


  • Advertising in the Warsaw metro and rotunda
  • UN, DOOH, Facades, Murals, Motorways
  • Advertising in public transport
  • Advertising in 7 airports in Poland
  • Advertising on railways: at railway stations; in Intercity, Pendolino, trains
  • Advertising on post machines
  • Branding of bicycles and scooters
  • Advertising in shopping centers
  • Brand cars
  • Non-standard formats

And we continue to replenish the range of services. From now on, when Megapolis Advertising Holding is not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland - we are waiting for you to help your business become even better and gain success and recognition not only in Ukraine, but also abroad!

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