Digitalization trends in action. For effective promotion, active business development, and support of modern advertising methods, Megapolis Holding presents a unique architectural solution. Two new mediafacades adorned the buildings of Kharkiv streets! Mediafacades are dynamic LED video screens integrated into the architectural design of buildings. In the context of the possibilities of the modern advertising world in our country, these carriers are the most relevant way to attract and focus the attention of numerous people on informational content. Each of the two video screens is installed on the facades of buildings located in the city center on the busiest streets:

  • Mediafacade at the intersection of Sumskaya and Yaroslava Mudroho. This LED is positioned above the "BOOKS" store, with an area of 50.6 sq.m. (10.56*4.8). The coverage for this location is 55,000 people/day.
  • Mediafacade at the "Palladium" shopping mall on Pavlivska Square. The area of this video screen is 41.472 sq.m. (8.64*4.8). The coverage for this location is 41,000 people/day.

Using advertising on mediafacades is an excellent marketing solution in outdoor advertising. It allows introducing your business to a large audience in an interesting format, thus gaining significant audience coverage. All this is possible due to:

  • Large screen sizes;
  • Bright dynamic storyline;
  • Placement in areas with high traffic of transport and pedestrians;
  • Operation of both carriers from 06:00 to 23:59 (covering all the most active periods of movement);
  • Frequency of displaying the advertising storyline (10 sec/min).

To get one step closer to popularity and present your company or brand advantageously to society, take advantage of the unconventional service of placing ads on mediafacades from Megapolis Holding. Your advertising deserves to look prestigious and stylish on the best screens in Kharkiv!

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