Stepping away from reality and finding one's ray of light in the darkness of war is an important necessity for each of us today. Culture and art play a significant role in this, as they are an integral part of every individual's life and the entire nation as a whole. Even in the challenging conditions of war, when people are forced to fight for their lives and freedom, everyone needs art because it embodies strength, hope, and faith in tomorrow.

The advertising holding Megapolis, together with the Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group), successfully implemented an advertising campaign on the best LED screens of the capital, dedicated to such a cultural project. As part of the campaign, bright stories about the release of the new animated film "Mavka. The Forest Song" were broadcasted on 9 top digital platforms in Kyiv. The film captured the attention of viewers from different corners of our country and beyond from its early days of release. The animated film is based on the play "Forest Song" by the famous Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka. In addition to captivating and professionally executed 3D animation, viewers also appreciated the film's voice acting. They heard the familiar voices of Ukrainian artists portraying the fairytale characters.

This campaign was a significant step for FILM.UA Group in popularizing their new film, especially during the period of war in Ukraine. Once again, we demonstrated to the global community the unyielding spirit of the Ukrainian people, who, despite difficult circumstances, continue to work and create quality content. Over 80 countries around the world will be able to see it for themselves, as the international theatrical release of the animated film started on March 2.

Advertising on the LED screens of the capital provided "Mavka" with:

  1. Coverage of a wide audience passing by the advertising platforms with the storyline.
  2. Strengthening interest in the film. Bright excerpts from the "Mavka" animated film stimulated interest and a desire to watch the entire movie.
  3. Increased brand recognition. The advertising campaign allowed the company Film UA to draw attention to its work and increase the popularity of its brand.

The work of FILM.UA Group, particularly their new animated film "Mavka. The Forest Song," serves as a vivid example of the importance of continuing to shoot, release, and showcase films during times of war. It inspires viewers, helps overcome the negative impact of war on the psyche, and preserves the cultural heritage of our people. Have you seen "Mavka" yet? If not, hurry to the nearest cinema! We promise you won't regret a single minute spent watching this animation masterpiece 😉

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